Africa has become the latest region to pull in the major fast food, hotel, cafe and other foodservice and hospitality industry giants, driven by the rising economies, urbanisation and the uplift in the tourism sector across the Continent.

As international giants like KFC, Burger King, Subway and Pizza Hut come calling, local players in the foodservice industry including the Continent’s biggest player Famous Brands (Steers, Wimpy, Mugo & Bean etc) and Sambisa (Galitos, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn), continue their growth across the Continent. But beyond these, local players including Java, UAC (Mr. Biggs) and Kilimanjaro continue their growth ambitions to feed a population that is attracted to the convenience provided by these fast food players.

Further, as international hotel chains scramble for Africa continues to gather pace, chains including Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton among others have voiced their strategies to invest in the Continent to take advantage of rising local and travellers’ demand for quality accommodation and food.

The Questions

How can Africa build the capacity of local foodservice and hospitality operators to improve their internal capacity to meet and exceed world class operational, quality and food safety standards?
How can the food safety culture in the foodservice and hospitality industry be improved? What is the role of the regulatory authorities in enforcing the adoption of the right practices?
What are some of the latest technologies that can be adopted by the food service and hospitality sectors to improve quality and food safety in the industry in Africa?