Save Foods penetrates Turkish Market as it eyes European market

TURKEY – Save Foods, an agri-food tech company, has announced it has engaged a local commercial post-harvest expert in Turkey, who is well connected in the local produce market, to introduce the Company to local post-harvest operators with ties to the EU produce market.

The company is focused on developing and selling eco-friendly products specifically designed to extend the shelf life and ensure the food safety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

According to the Union of Exporters of the Mediterranean Region, Turkey exported a record US$2.7 billion in fruits and vegetables in 2020, up 21% compared to 2019. According to Trading Economics, 22% of that was sent to Germany. Mandarin oranges were the country’s leading fruit export, accounting for US$437 million, followed by tomatoes and lemons.

The EU maintains maximum residue levels (MRLs) for pesticides in or on food to protect consumers against unnecessarily high residue levels and the associated health risks. Likewise, certain leading food retailers in Europe developed and implemented their own MRLs, which are often stricter than those imposed by the EU.

Moreover, the EU recently released the “Farm To Fork Green Deal Initiative” which establishes concrete targets to reduce food waste and the use of pesticides in the EU by 50% and convert a quarter of the total farmlands of the EU to organic cultivations — all to be achieved by 2030 at the latest.

Although not a member of the EU, it is estimated that more than 42% of all Turkish exports go to EU member countries, and Turkey’s Ministry of Trade reports that EU exports exceeded €120 billion (US$140,543,4000.00) in 2020.

This past July, the Turkish government announced its Green Reconciliation Action Plan in response to the above-mentioned EU initiatives, which signals Turkey’s increasing commitment to its agricultural industry and efforts to remain competitive in the EU.

Dror Eigerman, a post-harvest expert and member of the Company’s advisory board, concluded, that Save Foods’ products offer a perfect solution for Turkish produce packers. Not only do they represent a green sustainable investment, they also provide a safe, effective green treatment alternative that will allow the packers to comply with the EU’s new regulations.

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