Food Safety Africa magazine is the source of information for the investors, managers and professionals in quality, R&D, production, engineering, supply chain and procurement roles in Africa’s food, agriculture, animal feed, water and environmental sciences sectors.

Over the years, the demand for safe food by Governments, consumers and other stakeholders in the food and agriculture value chain has increased substantially in Africa, as the Continent faces rising incidences brought by new emerging risks and diseases – including such issues like mycotoxins, food fraud and even Listeria.

The challenges of unsafe food, poor quality products and lack of conformity and compliance to consumer, customer and regulatory requirements weigh heavily on Africa – impacting consumer health and local, regional and international trade.

This magazine, along with our annual Africa Food Safety & Nutrition Summit are two key platforms that we are using to promote the adoption of the right technologies, practices and regulations in Africa.

Food Safety Africa magazine is published every quarter originally but will eventually be available every two months in print and digital formats for readers across Africa and beyond. 

It is the first regular publication to originate in Africa that is focused on the subject matter of food safety, quality and conformity management.

The magazine is focused on the following sectors of the food and agri value chain:

  • Agricultural Production and Post-harvest Management
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Retail, Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution, including E-Commerce
  • Animal Feed Processing and Packaging
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes
  • Hospitals and other Institutions

Topical Issues in the Magazine

The magazine covers the following key areas:

  • Latest regulatory and policy updates from various regulatory agencies in Africa and beyond
  • Latest investments in infrastructure and facilities such as laboratories etc in Africa
  • Latest new technologies by suppliers of equipment, chemicals and diagnostic solutions
  • High quality technical articles on food safety, quality management and compliance by leaders in the industry, Government and other stakeholders
  • Interviews with key decision makers from Africa’s food safety and quality management landscape
  • High quality features and profiles of leading companies in the food and agriculture value chain in Africa
  • Latest market trends and ideas that are shaping the future of food safety in the World

Food Safety Africa Magazine is published by FW Africa – the publishers of Food Business Africa – Africa’s No.1 Food, Beverage & Milling industry magazine; and convenors of several food industry focused events such as AFMASS Food Expo and the Africa Food Safety & Nutrition Summit.

Who are the Readers of the Magazine

Food Safety Africa is an essential read for the following people in the food and agriculture value chain in Africa and beyond:

  • Managing Directors, CEOs, Chairmen, Directors, General Managers
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Directors, Managers & Analysts
  • Food Retailing, Distribution and Vending Managers;
  • Food Catering & Restaurant Managers & Supervisors;
  • Factory, Production, Operations & Process Directors, Managers & Supervisors; Packhouse Managers
  • Sanitation, Hygiene & Environment Directors & Managers
  • Food Safety Directors, Managers, Inspectors, Audit Managers, Assessors & Analysts
  • Public Health Directors, Managers & Officers;
  • Mill Managers, Dairy Managers & Technologists, Bakery Managers & Food Technologists
  • Health & Safety Directors, Managers & Supervisors; Compliance, Risk Management & Risk Communications Directors, Managers & Officers
  • Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Directors, Managers & Analysts; Standards Officers
  • Engineering Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Chefs, Food & Beverage Managers & Camp Managers
  • Laboratory Managers & Technologists; Chemists & Microbiologists
  • Quality Systems Management and Implementation Managers
  • Animal Nutritionists; Animal Feed Factory Managers
  • Research & New Product Development Managers & Supervisors
  • Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics Directors & Managers; Warehousing, Stores, Distribution & Transport Managers & Supervisors
  • Export & Import Managers & Trade Officers; Buyers, Commodity Traders, Graders and Analysts
  • Hospital Directors & Managers
  • Farm Managers; Agronomists & Extension OfficersAgriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Crop Directors, Managers & Officers
  • Business Development, Marketing & Sales Directors & Managers