ABU DHABI – The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has unveiled a pioneering educational initiative to nurture children’s understanding of agriculture, livestock, food safety, and beekeeping through engaging stories and leaflets.

Designed to instill a sense of responsibility and appreciation for these vital sectors, the publications serve as a cornerstone of ADAFSA’s commitment to fostering food security and

ADAFSA’s educational materials serve a dual purpose: raising awareness among children about the importance of agriculture and food safety while inspiring future careers in these fields.

By integrating children into ADAFSA’s activities and initiatives, the authority aims to cultivate a generation that is not only conscious of the challenges in food security but also actively contributes to addressing them.

The series comprises three educational brochures and ten captivating stories, each addressing key aspects of agriculture, livestock management, and food safety.

From practical farming tips presented through the character of The Little Farmer to insights on preventing animal diseases and the significance of food labeling, the materials offer a comprehensive and accessible understanding of crucial topics.

Building a knowledgeable society

Badr Hassan Al Shehhi, Director of Communication and Community Engagement Division at ADAFSA, underscores the significance of educating children about agriculture and food security.

He emphasizes the authority’s commitment to nurturing a generation that appreciates the intricacies of these sectors and actively contributes to achieving food security goals in Abu Dhabi.

“The preparation of this package is a result of ADAFSA’s recognition that the future of sustainable agricultural development and food security depends on the knowledge and awareness of all segments of society in order to double food production, reduce the depletion of natural resources, and increase the competitiveness of local products,” he said.

The educational booklets and stories are readily available on ADAFSA’s website, ensuring widespread accessibility for parents, educators, and children alike.

Furthermore, ADAFSA will distribute the materials for free during its participation in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, extending the reach of this valuable initiative to a broader audience.

In a bid to reach a diverse audience, the educational series is available not only in Arabic but also in English and French. This multilingual approach ensures that the resources cater to a wide range of communities, facilitating broader engagement and understanding of agricultural practices and food safety measures.

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