U.S – ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of ADM, recently issued a recall on specific lots of several feed products due to potential elevated levels of certain nutrients, which could pose health risks to animals. 

The affected products include Pen Pals Chicken Starter-Grower, MoorMan’s ShowTec Swine Feed, AMPT Cattle Feed, and Seniorglo Horse Feed Products.

The recall follows the discovery of elevated levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and/or chloride in certain batches of the aforementioned feed products.

According to animal nutritionists, these elevated levels have the potential to harm animals, causing various health issues ranging from bone deformities to digestive problems.

The specific lots involved in the recall, along with their respective product numbers and distribution details, have been provided by ADM Animal Nutrition. Customers are urged to check the lot numbers, which can be found at the bottom of the product labels, to determine if they have purchased any of the affected batches.

According to ADM Animal Nutrition, the decision to initiate the recall was prompted by a customer complaint related to swine refusing to eat feed from a single lot of MoorMan’s ShowTec Swine Feed. 

Upon investigation, it was revealed that an equipment failure at the company’s manufacturing facility in Quincy, Illinois, had led to issues with ingredient distribution, potentially resulting in harmful nutrient levels in certain batches.

The recall process has been swift, with ADM Animal Nutrition taking immediate action to remove all affected products from retail shelves. The company has also been in direct contact with customers and distributors involved in the recall. 

Additionally, ADM Animal Nutrition has set up a dedicated customer inquiry hotline to address any concerns or questions regarding the recalled feed products.

Customers who have purchased any of the recalled feed products are advised to discontinue use immediately and return the products to their distributor or directly to ADM Animal Nutrition for a full refund. 

The company has assured customers that refunds will be provided promptly upon receipt of the recalled products.

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