Ever wondered where in Africa to get food industry suppliers, manufacturers, and key decision-makers under one roof?

Ever thought of having packaging industries and retailers together? Or having financial service providers and commercial-scale farmers under one roof?

Look no farther, as the AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 brings them all! This year’s edition comes equipped with all that the African region and far abroad have to offer.

Who Will You Meet at AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024?

Technology Suppliers

Can you think of a place where you can meet your equipment, ingredients, packaging, milling and other technology suppliers – all in one place? We at AFMASS Food Expo provide a platform where suppliers and innovators meet users of their equipment.

This platform allows equipment providers to get to know the specific needs of manufacturers without much stress.

Food processing and packaging industries

AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 offers opportunities for all players in grains and legumes; meat, fish, and poultry; fresh produce; tea, coffee, and cocoa; bakery, confectionary, and snacks; animal feed and aquaculture; soft and alcoholic beverages; dairy products, among many more, to showcase their products and new technologies.

Commercial-scale farmers and agribusiness players

Is your interest in commercial-scale farming? This expo offers fast knowledge and an opportunity to meet key decision-makers in Agricultural practices in Africa and beyond.

In addition, AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 brings manufacturers of equipment used in the sector, networking opportunities, and deal rooms.

Government ministries and agencies

Meet representatives from various ministries and agencies for one-on-one discussions with industry players. It’s a unique opportunity to present your ideas, innovations, and receive instant feedback from those who regulate the industry in Africa.

Retail and Distributors

With many players, including retailers, distributors, importers and exporters coming together into this year’s edition, you are assured of new buyers and users.

AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 edition incorporates all players in the food and agriculture value chains, from exporters to importers of fresh produce and other agricultural products.

Hotel, Restaurants and Catering (HORECA)

Is this your specialty? Worry no more! The 2024 edition has a platform for you to shine. Come and showcase your products as you also learn about new technologies in the industry that can amplify your offering.

Logistics and mobility services

Are you in this sector and still stuck on how to expand your reach? Well, worry less as AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 has got you covered.

The Expo brings together players in the food and consumer goods value chain, who work together to ensure that products are delivered to the right place at the right time – at the right temperature!

University and research institutions

Working on that project or innovation that will improve the industry? Why not showcase it to stakeholders who need it the most. Come and find out more about what is happening in the food industry in Africa and beyond.

Get equipped with knowledge on new technologies, equipment, and products that have changed the face of the industry. At AFMASS Food Expo 2024, as a researcher or student, you are assured of gaining more knowledge and experience than ever before.

NGOs and Development organizations

Looking for opportunities to partner with manufacturers and suppliers in the food and agriculture industry in Africa? AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 has all the recipes to make this happen.

The Expo ensures that all the needs for all players in the food, beverage and milling sectors are covered.

Don’t miss out!

AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 is your chance to connect directly with industry leaders, explore new products and technologies, and forge valuable partnerships that can drive growth and innovation in the food and agriculture sectors.

How to Participate

Ready to experience the benefits of East Africa’s premier food expo? Securing your place is simple.

Visit our AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 website to register and reserve your spot.

See you there!


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