INDIA – Agilent India, pioneer in analytical laboratory solutions, is collaborating with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research-National Research Centre for Grapes (ICAR-NRCG) to co-develop advanced analytical workflows aimed at improving food safety protocols in India.

This partnership seeks to address critical gaps in food safety and enhance national food security with a sustainable approach.

Expressing excitement about the collaboration, Dr. Kaushik Banerjee FRSC, FNAAS emphasized the significance of joining forces with Agilent to elevate food safety standards in the country.

He highlighted ICAR-NRCG’s extensive experience in developing and implementing analytical methods for food sector stakeholders, emphasizing the focus on adhering to regulatory standards set by organizations such as FSSAI, EIC, APEDA, and Community Boards.

“Looking forward, we anticipate significant opportunities and responsibilities. This public-private partnership focuses on the country’s growing demand for food analysis,” he said.

Samir Vyas, General Manager, Agilent, shared his vision for the partnership, emphasizing its role in bolstering the supply chain with safe and nutritious foods while also enhancing India’s position in global exports through technological advancements.

Vyas highlighted Agilent’s commitment to skill development among technical personnel through training sessions and workshops, aiming to set new benchmarks in food safety standards.

The partnership between Agilent and ICAR-NRCG extends beyond enhancing existing workflows; it also aims to drive the adoption of new regulations and actively participate in policy discussions.

By shaping the future of food safety standards in India, the collaboration aims to contribute to the overall improvement of food safety protocols in the country.

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