CONGO – Agri Resources Congo, an expert in the industrial cultivation of cereals and other crops with high economic value, in an effort to make goods safe and of quality for consumers, have put up a cold storage facility for green onions and fresh vegetables.

The installation of the new cooling system has begun within the company’s concession in Moulende. The first of its kind in this region, the new facility will have the capacity to store up to 500 tonnes of green onion and other fresh vegetables.

The site will cover the requirements for the company’s production, as well as for local farmers wishing to partake in the Agri Resources Congo outsourcing programme.

Green onions also known as scallions, are a staple vegetable, consumed by every household in Congo and the sub-region. They are very versatile and delicious raw or cooked, but unlike regular onions–which stay fresh at room temperature–green onions are more like leafy greens or herbs that thrive in colder environments.

In the Niari division, the crop is widely cultivated by smallholder farmers, with more than 60% of homesteads having backyard gardens growing green onion.

Currently, buyers make their purchases at farm gates and go on to sell in Pointe Noire, Brazzaville and nearby DRC. Therefore, having this centralized local facility will extend product shelf life and ensure that a higher quantity of product reaches its final consumers.

The new cooling system will also play an important role in making the products safe and healthy for consumers, as well as increasing farmers’ incomes in vulnerable rural communities. In addition to improving on quality, health and safety, farmers will also be able to store their produce and sell even during the off-season.

Logistics Importing the necessary equipment from the Netherlands was made possible by close collaboration between Agri Resources Congo and R-Logistic Congo which are both subsidiaries of Monaco Resources Group.

Agri Resources Congo is part of Agri Resources Group (the agribusiness subsidiary of Monaco Resources Group), which encompasses food and agricultural activities across Europe and Africa – including the cultivation of essential products ranging from import-substitution crops to vanilla, spices and other niche products.

The company’s core business is the cultivation, processing and marketing of agricultural produce. It manages 69,000 ha of arable land in the plains and valleys of Louvakou and Kimbangou via a 50-year concession with the state of Congo.

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