UK – To fortify its prowess in food certification services, Amtivo Group, a leading provider of UKAS accredited ISO certification services to SMEs throughout the UK, Europe and South East Asia has announced the acquisition of UK Food Certification.

This milestone not only amplifies Amtivo’s commitment to delivering top-tier certification services but also positions the group as a key player in the global food supply chain.

Headquartered in Cheshire, UK Food Certification is a renowned certification body operating with UKAS accreditation.

Specializing in food certification services, the company covers the four foundational BRCGS Standards—Food Safety, Packaging Materials, Storage and Distribution, and Agents and Brokers.

Notably, its certification portfolio also extends to encompass the BRCGS free-from Standards for Gluten-Free and Plant-Based, along with the AOECS Gluten-Free Standard.

“Welcoming UK Food Certification to the Amtivo Group marks an important moment for Amtivo. This not only diversifies our service portfolio but also creates synergies that will elevate our position in the food certification market.

“We are excited about the development opportunities and enhanced value we can bring to our clients,” Mike Tims, CEO of Amtivo, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition.

As a distinguished ‘5 Star’ certification body, UK Food Certification brings a legacy of technical expertise and customer service that aligns seamlessly with Amtivo’s comprehensive range of services, empowering organizations across the globe.

Phillip Knight, co-founder of UK Food Certification, shared insights into the decision, saying, “Over the last seven years, we have built UK Food Cert with the support of our wonderful team and loyal customers, but the time has come to finally retire. We were impressed by the Amtivo team from the outset and could see a great fit and people who would provide a safe home for our customers and team.”

“They understand how to run a great Certification Body and share the same ethos and values, and we firmly believe they will inject new energy into the business and take it to the next level,” he continued.

This strategic expansion not only addresses the evolving needs of Amtivo’s and UK Food Certification’s client bases but also positions the combined entity as a one-stop solution for BRCGS and ISO certification requirements in their respective industries.

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