U.S – Ancera, a leading developer of supply chain intelligence, has announced the launch of two microbial detection tools designed to identify and enumerate Clostridium perfringens and total viable bacteria (TVB) in the poultry industry.

These innovative assays, integrated into Ancera’s PIPER platform, aim to address critical challenges in both live operations and processing, offering poultry companies advanced capabilities to boost productivity, food safety, and interventional efficacy.

The Clostridium assay is tailored to enumerate and monitor Clostridium perfringens, the causative agent of necrotic enteritis (NE) in poultry.

This tool provides the industry with a valuable resource to manage NE risk, aiding integrators in determining and tracking Clostridium load within their systems. The assay’s insights can impact key production metrics, animal health, and the assessment of intervention effectiveness in animal welfare programs.

Ancera’s Total Viable Bacteria (TVB) assay is positioned as the first non-enrichment microbial quantitation assay, offering real-time microbial information for same-shift process improvement and quality control.

This tool provides quantifiable microbial data, enabling integrators to assess the efficacy of their processes in reducing microbial load.

With results available within a single working shift, the TVB assay unlocks real-time trend analysis and decision-making, significantly reducing traditional turnaround times and minimizing compliance and recall risks.

Troy Hatlevig, recently appointed as Vice President of Product at Ancera, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation in food supply chain safety.

The assays will be available in 2024 to a limited set of trial customers, allowing for user feedback to refine and accelerate the development of a fully commercialized software product.

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