TAIWAN – Anyong Biotechnology, world-class aquatic food processing company, has employed  a freshness preservation technology known as Cells Alive System (CAS), in the pursuit of longer storage periods for seafood.

Originally a medical-grade technology for freezing stem cells, Anyong says CAS is highly praised for its ability to preserve the freshness of ingredients while maintaining the nutritive value and taste of fresh catch after thawing.

The CAS engine does this by guaranteeing that cell tissues are not damaged during freezing. Fresh food is surrounded by a unique magnetic field that is created by a combination of pulsed magnetic fields, low-frequency waves, and various other sources of weak energy, which causes the water molecules to vibrate.

Ice crystals can form while the cell wall and membrane integrity remain unharmed, safeguarding against water loss from the food. Additionally, there are no additives used in this method. Altogether, this secures CAS as a superior freezing technology, the company says.

“Outstanding quality comes from a high-standard processing environment, technology, and food safety management system. CAS technology gives you fish as fresh as if you lived beside a seaport,” Guo Zhi Hui, Chairman of Anyong Biotechnology.

According to CAS, this technology makes it feasible to keep seafood fresh for extended periods of time, something that was previously unachievable with conventional freezing techniques.

The company claims that by transcending the constraints of time and place to increase the possibilities of food, it prevents quality degradation over extended periods of time while making sure to minimize waste.

The company claims that despite quick-freezing having been used for more than a century, it was unable to stop the quality of frozen food from declining because the development of ice crystals throughout the procedure would rupture cell membranes.

According to Anyong Biotechnology, it is committed to offering Taiwanese frozen aquatic goods without additives, reports LABIOTECH.

It also provides original equipment manufacture (OEM) services to clients that are interested in seafood.

Along with Freshmart, the company runs a plant in Mituo, Kaohsiung, that processes aquatic foods. The factory’s potential products are checked by the facility’s own food safety center to guarantee freshness from farm to table.

Founded by TOPCO Scientific, hundreds of millions of dollars were invested by Anyong Biotechnology, in response to food crises, to create a secure food supply chain that, according to the business, adheres to the best standards in the tech sector.

Anyong Biotechnology is the first company in its region to use the CAS technology which was conferred three major innovations awards in Japan.

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