U.S – Aptar – Food Protection, a division of the global leader AptarGroup known for pioneering active material science solutions in food safety, has recently secured the exclusive rights for the manufacturing and distribution of the Halopack Tray system in North America.

This innovative packaging solution, dubbed Aptar Halopack, is set to redefine sustainable packaging standards across various food sectors, including fresh, frozen, and ready-to-eat applications.

Aptar Halopack is engineered with environmental sustainability at its core, utilizing recycled cardboard and a minimal amount of detachable film. This design facilitates easy recycling in standard cardboard streams once the film is separated, dramatically cutting down on plastic usage by up to 90% compared to traditional plastic trays.

One of the standout features of the Aptar Halopack is its ease of recycling. The tray’s design allows it to fold flat, saving valuable space in recycling bins. Moreover, the possibility of custom printing on the cardboard, both internally and externally, reduces the need for additional labeling, streamlining the manufacturing process and enhancing brand visibility.

Designed to be compatible with existing sealing and packaging equipment, the Halopack system requires minimal adjustments for implementation, making it a convenient choice for producers looking to transition to more sustainable packaging solutions.

Neal Watson, Vice President and General Manager of Aptar – Food Protection, expressed enthusiasm about the launch of Aptar Halopack, highlighting its unique market position in combining sustainability with enhanced shelf life and visual appeal.

“Aptar Halopack is a unique-to-market combination of enhanced sustainability and product differentiation through extended shelf life and attractive product presentation,” he said.

“We’re excited about the benefits Halopack brings in the areas of sustainability and reducing food waste. We have a unique product that provides the benefits of traditional packaging solutions with the added benefit of recyclability.”

Versatility across food categories

Aptar Halopack’s design versatility caters to a wide array of food types, including dry and high moisture content items.

Available in various configurations such as skin pack, clamshell, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), it addresses the packaging needs of ready meals, fresh produce, proteins, and even soups. Its multi-compartment duo-tray option is particularly suited for items like salads or parfaits, maintaining ingredient integrity until consumption.

Currently produced in Aptar – Food Protection’s Atlanta facility, there are plans underway to expand manufacturing to additional locations across North America. This expansion aims to meet growing demand and further Aptar’s mission of reducing food waste through innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

“We are proud to partner with Halopack to bring this solution to the North American market and are eager to explore the possibilities of expanding the tray’s applications beyond the food market,” Watson concluded.

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