U.S – An associate research professor at Auburn University has earned a patent for an innovative color-changing sticker designed to transform the way meat freshness is monitored.

Burak Aksoy’s groundbreaking invention aims to significantly reduce food waste by providing real-time indicators of meat spoilage directly on packaging.

Aksoy’s research accentuates the pressing issue of food spoilage, attributing it primarily to bacterial growth. With an annual economic loss of U.S$161 billion in the United States alone due to discarded food, his invention offers a promising solution to mitigate this widespread problem.

The patented packaging solution utilizes a gas-sensing coating applied to a sticker affixed directly onto meat packaging. This coating detects volatile compounds emitted by meat as it deteriorates, signaling the freshness level of the product through a progressive color change.

By providing consumers and retailers with a clear visual indicator of meat freshness, Aksoy’s invention aims to enhance food safety standards. The sticker allows for informed decision-making, preventing the purchase of spoiled products and minimizing unnecessary discards by retailers.

Aksoy’s innovations, including the color-changing sticker and an aquafeed binder derived from soybean hulls, have garnered significant interest from the food industry.

With their scalable and affordable nature, these inventions hold immense economic potential while contributing to sustainability efforts.

The development of these trailblazing products was made possible through collaboration with representatives from the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (USDA’s ARS) and the Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering.

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