U.S – Pest Management and Public Health, a business within the Environmental Science Division of Bayer, is offering attendees of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) annual meeting-a meeting which provides attendees with information on current and emerging food safety issues-an inside look at the company’s latest rodent protection technology.

Bayer Digital Pest Management unites decades of Bayer professional pest management expertise with the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The Rodent Monitoring System (RMS) enables food safety professionals to focus on proper inspection and the area of infestation.

It uses sensors that allow each trap in a facility — often in numerous and otherwise hard-to-access locations — to be monitored 24/7.

Rodent captures trigger an immediate notification to the pest management company and/or facility management via e-mail or text message.

Real-time graphic floorplans show the status of all monitor locations, so there is no lost time checking empty traps.

Up-to-the-minute reporting and trending from the system helps pest management companies review the effectiveness of trap placement schemes, and optimize them to improve effectiveness of the rodent control program.

The system can be adapted to existing multi-catch and snap traps, and does not use Wi-Fi or facility IT infrastructure.

The reporting capabilities also mean improved audit readiness, giving food safety professionals peace of mind on compliance without having to enter the facilities in-person. 

“At Bayer, we understand there can be tremendous loss and risk when pests interrupt the food supply chain,

“We are excited to show IAFP attendees how the Bayer Rodent Monitoring System can improve food safety programs, drive value and help them rest easy,” said Alec Senese, business development manager of Pest Management and Public Health at Bayer U.S.

Attendees can learn more about this cutting-edge technology and how it drives value by stopping at booth the company’s booth on July 20.

 “Food safety professionals will have an inside look at how this technology works to improve protection for their clients, save them time and fuel profitable growth,” said Senese,

In a move lauded by the pest management industry, the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) announced toward the end of 2020 that the SQF Code Edition 9 for Food Manufacturing contains specific language endorsing the use of electronic monitoring devices in pest prevention programs.

This new edition of SQF’s Code, which was implemented in May 2021, will guide participating companies in the implementation of some of the most stringent food safety management practices in the industry.

As remote and electronic monitoring systems, such as the Bayer RMS become better known and understood and their important role in elevating Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs more obvious, it is becoming clearer that auditing bodies will begin considering the presence of such systems in their evaluation protocols, even if formal changes to various standards lags behind.