U.S – Bell Labs, an exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products, has announced the launch of four new iQ products at PestWorld 2021 in Las Vegas.

iQ products capture and provide Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) with important previously unknown rodent data, giving service specialists the time, they need to conduct superior rodent control service, instead of checking empty traps. They integrate proprietary Bell Sensing Technology (BST) sensors that turn some of Bell’s most popular products into powerful 24/7 rodent data gathering machines.

Highly customized Bluetooth sensors allow data to be quickly gathered onsite from each iQ device and then be uploaded to the cloud directly from a smartphone. This is a complete rodent data gathering and management system with the ease of use and cost basis that will allow it to be used at any account.

The products include Pulse Mouse iQ  and Pulse Rat iQ for mouse monitoring bait station, Trapper Mouse iQ which has a mouse trap with sensor and Weighted Landscape iQ for rodent monitoring bait station tray.

Pulse Mouse iQ is the first mouse bait station with fully integrated Bluetooth sensor for detecting and timestamping rodent activity. It comes with a fully integrated battery, proprietary sensor and antenna, that is water and weather-proof.

The sensors collect timestamps of rodent activity and communicate via Bluetooth technology to the Bell Sensing App when technicians are on site doing their service. The data gathered will empower PMPs to improve their service, knowing when to add additional bait stations or rodenticide, or where to move bait stations to win the fight against rodents.

Patrick Lynch, Senior Vice President of sales and General Manager of Bell Sensing Technologies, noted that as the world leader in rodent control technology, Bell is committed to providing their partners with the most efficient and intuitive rodent monitoring system.

“The launch of our four new iQ products ensures that, whether our PMP partner is battling mice or rats, choosing to use bait or traps, they will have an iQ product powered by Bell Sensing Technologies to better protect their customers from rodents and ultimately, grow their business,” he said.

These four new iQ products join the full iQ line-up of rodent control devices with sensors, including Express iQ bait station tray, T-Rex iQ rat trap and 24/7 iQ multiple catch mouse trap.

iQ products have fully integrated, weatherproof rodent sensors, batteries and Bluetooth antennae. They also provide PMPs with one of the first scalable rodent monitoring systems that utilize the same products currently used in their everyday rodent control service.

Bell Laboratories’ iQ product line was recognized as a recipient of 2021 Internet of Things (IoT) Evolution Business Impact Award. TMC, a global technology media, in conjunction with CrossFire Media, outlined Bell’s iQ products as one of the top solutions that are innovating products and paving the way for the IoT future, as judged by the editors of IoT Evolution World.

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