FRANCE – French multinational biotechnology company bioMérieux, and Jackson Family Wines, a family-owned wine company based in California, have come up with BOTTLESAFETM, the latest innovation for the wine industry that provides a faster and more convenient onsite solution to verify final filtration with results in less than four hours. 

Since acquiring Invisible Sentinel, a company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2019, bioMérieux has continued to expand its beverage portfolio to provide end-to-end molecular solutions for the wine industry. 

These solutions assist wineries in streamlining operations, securing their brand, saving energy, and minimizing waste from the grape to the glass.

“The winemaking process is both complicated and, at the same time, artisanal. We’re passionate about minimizing risk throughout the entirety of the production process to enhance our customers’ confidence that the quality of their product will be preserved and, subsequently, consumed in the way they intend. 

“The quick results provided by the BOTTLESAFETM, innovation should allow for clear operational efficiencies and more sustainable production to ensure wineries deliver the highest quality product to the market,” said Benjamin Pascal, Global Head, xPRO Program, bioMérieux.

BOTTLESAFETM stands out from other pre-bottling testing solutions on the market as it was made by wineries for wineries. Created in partnership with Jackson Family Wines, the on-site solution is versatile to rapidly detect common wine spoilers in both red and white wines and is well-suited for any size wine quality program. 

The fact that BOTTLESAFETM was developed by wineries for wineries sets it apart from other pre-bottling testing products on the market.

The on-site solution, developed in collaboration with Jackson Family Wines, is adaptable to quickly identify typical wine spoilers in both red and white wines and is suitable for any size wine quality program.

“At Jackson Family Wines, our steadfast commitment to quality through traditional and innovative methodologies has always created new pathways for leadership and collaboration.

“bioMérieux is a like-minded organization that shares our entrepreneurial spirit and drive to develop meaningful solutions. They were an obvious choice of partner to develop an innovative solution that will not only benefit Jackson Family Wines, but the broader wine industry,” said winemaker Marcia Torres Forno.    

In comparison to the two to five days now required for conventional microbiology testing, sending samples to a lab, or other available Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) options on the market, BOTTLESAFETM offers actionable information to validate final filtration in less than four hours.

BOTTLESAFETM completes bioMérieux’s solution offering for the wine sector, which already includes assays for the winemaking process (VINOBRETTTM), fermentation (VINOPALTM), and now bottling (BOTTLESAFETM).

The innovation is the outcome of bioMérieux’s xPRO initiative, an innovation engine within the company that works directly with industry leaders to quickly develop, validate, and commercialize unique molecular assays to address new market needs and improve their overall quality programs.

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