ITALY – Blupura, an Italian manufacturer and distributor renowned for water treatment products, has launched its latest innovation, the Bultron Action filtration system.  

This new system is specifically engineered to elevate the water quality for coffee machines, beverage dispensers, steam ovens, and combination ovens. 

The Bultron Action filtration system incorporates Blupura’s cutting-edge 0.5-micron carbon block technology, aimed at removing chlorine and enhancing water taste. 

According to Blupura, this step is crucial as chlorine can potentially hinder the effectiveness of the system’s high-efficiency ion exchange resin, which plays a pivotal role in reducing temporary water hardness and preventing limescale build-up. 

One of the key features of the Bultron Action is its integrated bypass system with four levels, offering users the flexibility to customize water treatment by up to 70 percent.  

This customization capability allows users to strike the perfect balance between equipment protection and water quality, catering to their specific needs. 

Moreover, the filtration system eliminates unpleasant odors and flavors while lowering the water’s pH, thereby enriching the taste of beverages, especially coffee.  

With a micrometric pre-filter and a final stage for filtering suspended particles, the Bultron Action ensures optimal water quality and consistency. 

Blupura had previously introduced its first line of filter cartridges, named Blutron, in 2023.  

This product line reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality drinking water through meticulous selection of materials and components.  

The Blutron line comprises five different types of filters, each designed for specific purposes, such as removing chlorine, taste, and odor (Shield), blocking bacteria with ultrafiltration (Ultra), and reducing water hardness to prevent limescale build-up (Ionic). 

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