SWITZERLAND – Bruker Corporation has announced the acquisition of Chemspeed Technologies AG, a Swiss leader in automated laboratory Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Control (QC) workflow solutions.

The strategic acquisition marks Bruker’s foray into modular automation and robotics for chemical research, pharmaceutical drug formulation, materials research for cleantech, and consumer applications.

Chemspeed Technologies, renowned for its vendor-agnostic approach, focuses on delivering cutting-edge modular automation to boost productivity in R&D and QC departments. This aligns seamlessly with Bruker’s commitment to lab automation, digitalization, and scientific software solutions.

The acquisition not only complements Bruker’s existing platform, SciY, but also accelerates the company’s Project Accelerate 2.0 initiative, ‘Assays, Software and Aftermarket.’

Chemspeed’s extensive portfolio includes flexible automation modules, ranging from bench-top workstations to integrated automated R&D workflows.

These modules have a transformative impact on R&D productivity across diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemicals, cleantech, materials, cosmetics, and food. Notably, Chemspeed’s automation is widely utilized in top R&D and QC laboratories globally, setting industry standards.

Chemspeed’s founder and CEO, Dr. Rolf Gueller, expressed enthusiasm about joining Bruker to elevate automated and digitalized workflows for customers.

“Our team is excited to join Bruker to further boost automated and digitalized workflows for our customers. With decades of experience in automating R&D workflows, our modular solutions accelerate developments, allowing lab technicians and scientists to focus on their core competencies and creativity,” he said.

Going forward, Dr. Gueller is expected to contribute to Chemspeed customers’ success on the Chemspeed Advisory Board.

Dr. Falko Busse, President of the Bruker BioSpin Group, welcomed the Chemspeed team, highlighting the company’s scalable modularity and flexibility in lab automation.

He emphasized the potential to customize workflows, integrate automation layers efficiently, and manage workflows and data effectively.

The transaction, anticipated to conclude in the first half of 2024, remains subject to regulatory reviews. While financial details were not disclosed, it is revealed that Chemspeed generated revenues exceeding U.S$50 million in 2023, showcasing profitability and market strength.

The acquisition signifies a shared commitment to excellence and customer service, further strengthening Bruker’s position in lab automation.

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