SWITZERLAND- In an era of rising costs and unpredictable harvests, Bühler, a global leader in process engineering and manufacturing, has introduced SPARK Pro+, the company’s simplest and most user-friendly optical sorter. 

SPARK aims to revolutionize sorting processes with its simplicity, zero-spillage design, and affordability, making it an essential tool for various industries.

It stands out for its straightforward operation, providing expert results without the need for complex procedures. 

Leveraging Bühler’s 75 years of expertise, the optical sorter ensures a seamless user experience at the company’s lowest-ever price point. 

Bühler optical sorters can sort a wide range of products using technologies like cameras, lighting, and machine learning software to remove product defects and foreign materials by color, shape, and texture. 

These optical sorters are designed to minimize product damage, help achieve higher yields, deliver a consistent quality of products, and maintain food safety standards. 

From grains and pulses to rice, coffee, or spices, SPARK, the newest optical sorter, promises enhanced quality across a spectrum of commodities easily.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by industries with soaring supplier prices, unpredictable harvests, and intense competition, Bühler provides that it designed SPARK to be an affordable solution without compromising performance. 

According to the Swiss technology provider, every component has been meticulously analyzed, and profit margins have been minimized to offer users an optical sorter that guarantees simple operation and reliable results, regardless of the commodity being processed.

Buhler also holds that SPARK is subjected to rigorous testing and certification and engineered to meet and exceed industrial standards, providing users with dependable and consistent results. 

Designed to reduce waste

One of the most noteworthy features of SPARK is its zero-spillage design. 

Bühler recognizes the financial impact of wasted raw materials and aims to address this concern with a sorter that minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency. 

The innovative design ensures that every grain is counted, reducing the environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable processing approach.

As Bühler continues to push the boundaries of innovation, SPARK emerges as a game-changer, offering a cost-effective solution to industries seeking uncompromised performance, reduced waste, and streamlined sorting processes.

For those seeking more detailed information, Bühler provides a comprehensive brochure outlining the technical specifications and benefits of this groundbreaking optical sorter.

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