ITALY – Bulltec, a technology provider, has unveiled an electronic grading system tailored for COAL, a conglomerate of major retail chain stores, capable of simultaneously processing two different vegetables.

The innovation allows the simultaneous processing of two distinct products, addressing the demand for efficient and quick distribution across COAL’s extensive network of stores.

Bulltec’s Director, Ruggero Ricci, explains the unique capabilities of their technology, “Our grading system simplifies the process for weight and size categorization. In this specific instance, we introduced a two-channel grader, featuring a delicate, smooth conveyor for grading products like zucchini, alongside a larger conveyor with vulcanized strips, ideal for handling larger produce such as melons.”

The project materialized to meet COAL’s requirement for concurrent processing of multiple products, ensuring swift readiness for distribution to diverse outlets.

Ruggero Ricci highlights, “Our systems empower clients to operate seamlessly throughout the day, avoiding downtime. The mechanics, tailored for irregularly shaped products, coupled with user-friendly electronics, make grading intuitive through a sophisticated viewing and weighing system.”

COAL President Carlo Palmieri attests to the reliability of Bulltec as a strategic partner, stating how they have found a reliable and competent partner because the system installed by Bulltec in Mosciano (Teramo) has met their expectations of reliability and ease of use.

Bulltec is set to showcase its latest technologies at the upcoming Sival fair in Le Manoir Angers, France. The exhibition will spotlight Bulltec’s range of vegetable processing systems, featuring their innovative grading system and solutions for obtaining minimum guaranteed weight trays.

Bulltec’s technologies are engineered to deliver labor and after-sales management savings while ensuring optimal processing efficiency.

Furthermore, Bulltec recently collaborated with OP Ortomì of Pachino (Syracuse), supplying them with a state-of-the-art semi-automatic plant for processing vine tomatoes in trays.

This collaboration underscores Bulltec’s commitment to delivering unique and efficient solutions, achieving optimal processing and packaging of high-quality products.

Ruggero Ricci elaborates on the plant’s features, “The system consists of conveyor belts feeding clustered tomatoes onto a battery of weight belts, applying Bulltec software to create an optimal combination of bunches.”

“This ensures the minimum weight for each package, limiting excesses and facilitating precise packaging based on customer requirements.”

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