FRANCE – Bureau Veritas, world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) has taken a step to increase its engagement with Ioxt Alliance by opening Service and Competence Centers in Asia, following the successful ioXt Alliance Asia Summer Summit in June 2021, hence expanding its regional coverage.

The event marked the launch of the ioXt Asia Alliance which will mark significant expansion for the ioXt Alliance into a critical market for both manufacturers and consumers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

“The Consumer Product Services Division of Bureau Veritas and the ioXt Alliance complement each other well. As the global standard for IoT security, it’s important that we continue to help organizations in all regions provide security and transparency for all end-users. This will help them make better informed decisions and will keep them cyber-safe,” said Brad Ree, CTO of the ioXt Alliance.

Both organizations have a global approach to cyber security for the internet of things by providing a security certification after devices are tested against rigorous standards. With scalability for consumer products being top of mind, a global presence and local competence are keys for their success in this business environment.

“The 7layers’ team in Germany, as part of Bureau Veritas, has engaged with the ioXt Alliance since 2020. During this time, we’ve demonstrated our commitment and competence to provide valuable testing services to the members of the ioXt Alliance for certification of their products against cyber security requirements,” said Michael Beine, Business Development Manager at Bureau Veritas 7layers.

The IoXt Alliance is the Global Standard for IoT Security. Founded by leading technology and product manufacturing firms, including Google, Amazon, T-Mobile, Comcast and more, the ioXt Alliance is the only industry-led, global IoT product security and certification program in the world. Products with the ioXt SmartCert gives consumers and retailers greater confidence in a highly connected world.

The IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

In 2020, ioXt Alliance approved Bureau Veritas’ 7layers in Germany as one of the test labs to offer third-party testing to verify the compliance of IoT devices. As one of the ioXt Alliance labs, Bureau Veritas can perform testing required for devices to be certified by the Alliance.

7Layers is a specialist in wireless electronic products testing, certification, engineering and test management solutions.

Bureau Veritas acquired the 7 layers company in 2013 to complement its already extensive footprint in the fast-growing wireless testing market.

The ioXt Alliance last month expanded its security certification program for Mobile Apps and VPN applications in its pursuit of establishing the best standards in IoT security and transparency in a multi-stakeholder and global IoT environment.

Increasingly, organizations in a variety of industries are using IoT to operate more efficiently, better understand customers to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making and increase the value of the business.