U.S – Cannabis Hub and ImEPIK have teamed up to provide self-paced online training courses for onboarding new employees who work in the production of cannabis edibles in order to address the urgent need for workforce training.

The fully online Cannabis Edibles Safety courses are interactive learning opportunities with three levels of competency training, allowing businesses to select the course that best suits their employees’ current skill levels.

The necessity to ensure cannabis-infused edibles adhere to regulations and are safe for customers has increased dramatically along with the demand for high-quality cannabis products for both medical and adult usage.

Responsible cannabis companies rely on existing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and create processes to assess hazards and threats to ingredient and product contamination and safety.

However, given the substantial industry turnover, training new hires might be difficult.

“The cannabis industry is evolving fast, so quality and safety will be one of the most important areas to standardize.

“The lack of quality training for employees combined with high turnover rates add to the risk, and our partnership fills that gap,” said Kevin Greene, Vice President of Cannabis Hub and Cleveland School of Cannabis.

The partnership supports compliance with three levels of training.

Level I is for employees with job titles such as post-harvesters production technicians, packagers in manufacturing facilities, and general management.

Level II, the Edible Safety Plan, is designed for Directors of Cultivation, Extraction Managers, QA/QC Managers, and Production Supervisors up to General Managers and Vice Presidents in Manufacturing Operations and Chemists in lab/extraction facilities.

Meanwhile, level III, PCQI Online, is for professionals in charge of audit readiness and the full edibles safety plans for the facility. The Level III course is the standard curriculum for the FDA’s Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule with added cannabis product plan examples.

“Adherence to current GMPs, understanding hazards, and verifying process, sanitation, allergen and supply chain controls of food ingredients are critical for ensuring safety and quality in cannabis edibles.

“Cannabis Hub and ImEPIK are providing a solution to the industry’s demand for robust competency-based training that will prevent product contamination and show a strong return on investment,” said Kathryn Birmingham, Chief Operating Officer, ImEPIK.

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