KENYA – Capwell Industries has launched the first-ever fortified rice in Kenya and potentially the entire African continent. 

This groundbreaking product, enriched with essential vitamins B6, B1, B9 (folic acid), iron, and zinc, was introduced on June 3rd, marking a significant advancement in the region’s food industry.

Driven by its mission to enrich lives through nutrition and a core value of innovation, Capwell has taken a bold step beyond offering plain rice to deliver enhanced nutritional benefits at no additional cost to consumers. 

The company is committed to bearing the cost of fortification, fulfilling its promise of providing safe and nutritious foods without financially burdening its customers.

Despite the significant nutritional upgrade, the rice’s packaging will remain unchanged, aside from a new “fortified” sticker. This approach ensures a smooth consumer transition and avoids potential confusion in the marketplace.

This milestone continues Capwell Industries’ history of pioneering initiatives. The company set industry standards with flour fortification even before it became mandatory in Kenya and launched unique products such as Nutrigo flour and Yola (Uji Shake). 

These innovations have earned Capwell consistent recognition, including prestigious awards like Maize Flour of the Year for their Soko Maize Meal and Rice Flour of the Year for its Pearl Rice at the FMCG Awards in Kenya 2024.

The launch of the fortified Pearl rice brand comes just days before the eighth edition of one of Africa’s premier food events, AFMASS Food Expo, where Capwell Industries will play a prominent role. 

The AFMASS Food Expo 2024, scheduled to take place from June 12th to 14th at the Sarit Expo Center in Nairobi, Kenya, is expected to attract over 6,000 delegates from around the world and feature more than 60 exhibitors showcasing diverse offerings across the food industry. 

Capwell will be one of the major exhibitors and the “Official Biscuits & Cookies Sponsor” following the launch of its Treatos biscuit and cookies brand last year.

The event will also include an industry conference on topical issues affecting Africa’s food industry, where industry leaders will deliberate on how to chart a better course for the continent’s food sector.

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