INDIA – Cargill, a titan in the global food and agricultural sector, has achieved recognition for its dedication to superior food safety standards in India, bagging two awards at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Food Safety Awards 2023.

The 14th annual CII Food Safety Award ceremony spotlighted Cargill’s exemplary food safety initiatives, awarding the company in two key categories.

In the Large Manufacturing Food Businesses: Fats and Oils segment, Cargill’s Kurkumbh plant in Maharashtra received accolades for its outstanding performance.

Similarly, in the Large Manufacturing Food Business: Sweeteners category, the Davangere plant in Karnataka was recognized for its notable achievements.

These awards serve as a testament to Cargill’s leadership in implementing best-in-class food safety practices and adherence to rigorous domestic standards and compliances.

The selection process, known for its strict assessment criteria, includes an exhaustive review and onsite evaluations conducted by a team of food safety experts.

Simon George, President of Cargill India and Managing Director for Food Solutions South Asia, expressed pride in the recognition, highlighting the company’s investment in advanced manufacturing technologies and processes.

“Our commitment to food safety is at the core of our operations. We aim to exceed the highest standards of food safety regulations in India, ensuring our customers and consumers receive safe, quality products. These awards validate our ongoing efforts and achievements in enhancing our food safety performance,” George stated.

With over 35 years of operational presence in India, Cargill has developed comprehensive food safety protocols, leveraging modern infrastructure, in-house testing capabilities, and skilled personnel to safeguard product safety at every stage.

The automation of packaging lines at both the Kurkumbh and Davangere plants exemplifies Cargill’s strategy to minimize manual handling and maximize product integrity.

The company’s internal Product Safety, Quality, and Regulatory Policy align with international standards, ensuring consistent delivery of safe, authentic, and compliant products and services. Additionally, Cargill’s Continuous Improvement Production Excellence (CIPE) team plays a crucial role in continuously enhancing quality management systems across its portfolio.

This dual recognition at the CII Food Safety Awards 2023 not only reinforces Cargill’s leadership in food safety but also reflects its deep-rooted culture of prioritizing product safety. It marks another milestone in Cargill’s journey to nourish the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable manner.

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