U.S – Centric Software, a trailblazer in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has joined forces with FoodChain ID, the leading authority in food safety and regulatory services.

This partnership aims to revolutionize the food and cosmetics industries by integrating cutting-edge technology with comprehensive regulatory expertise.

Centric Software’s expertise in providing comprehensive PLM solutions meets FoodChain ID’s extensive global databases and regulatory knowledge, creating a seamless platform for product development.

“We are overjoyed about our alliance with FoodChain ID. It marries Centric’s technological expertise in food & beverage, cosmetics, beauty and other formulated goods with FoodChain ID’s extensive global databases and stellar reputation in food safety and regulatory compliance,” Chris Groves, CEO of Centric Software, expressed his enthusiasm about the alliance.

This partnership is not just about promises; it’s a practical solution to a persistent problem faced by the food and cosmetics industries. The challenge lies in ensuring that formulations adhere to stringent regulatory standards, a task made complex by constantly changing global regulations.

What sets this collaboration apart is its ability to address the core problem faced during product development: the need for real-time, accurate, and globally relevant regulatory information.

By integrating Centric PLM’s agility in formulation and other crucial processes with FoodChain ID’s wealth of regulatory data, companies can now evaluate ingredient changes against current global compliance regulations as they happen.

The significance of this partnership is echoed by industry insiders. Clinton Chadwick, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at FoodChain ID, emphasized the practicality of the collaboration.

“Reducing time-consuming iterations between product development and regulatory compliance teams is crucial. This partnership accomplishes just that, accelerating product innovation,” he said.

Ron Watson, Executive Vice President of Product at Centric Software, sheds light on the efficiency introduced by the alliance.

“Product developers can now make real-time adjustments to formulations based on immediate feedback regarding regulatory compliance. This agility is invaluable in an industry where precision is paramount,” he says.

The synergy between Centric Software and FoodChain ID signifies a shift toward a future where technology and regulatory expertise work hand in hand, streamlining processes, and ensuring compliance without compromising innovation.

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