U.S – Neogen Corporation, a leading manufacturer of animal and food safety products, has continued to record results with the advancement of its Neogen Analytics software program that helps clients in digitizing their food safety systems.

The comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) cloud-based software, powered by Corvium, Inc., connects to both the AccuPoint Advanced NG and ANSR systems and helps users implement food safety systems that reduce risk and elevate compliance.

On February 10, 2023, Neogen acquired the technological platform and assets of Corvium, Inc., the Virginia-based supplier of the software behind Neogen Analytics, in order to further advance its food safety data analytics strategy.

“We have seen the success of the Neogen Analytics platform and have enjoyed working with the team at Corvium throughout the development and launch of this software. 

“We are pleased to bring their expertise in-house as we continue to drive the growth of this invaluable platform and enhance food safety practices around the world,” said John Adent, Neogen’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Clients who use Neogen Analytics to digitalize their food safety programs gain real-time access to all environmental monitoring tests, automatic reporting, and alerts for corrective actions.

Neogen Analytics is also an open platform that compiles data on food safety and recommends testing to clients based on industry best practices.

Customers within the sector have reported satisfaction with the service as a result of the ability of businesses to standardize their environmental monitoring programs, increase productivity through audits, and make use of current food safety data.

This complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s “Smarter Era of Food Safety” blueprint for the use of digital technology to enhance food safety and enables them to respond swiftly to adverse events in food manufacturing facilities, saving time and money.

Neogen adopted the technology in 2021 and waived its automation module licensing fee for a period of one year, removing the up-front financial uncertainty associated with adopting new technology, such as automating EMP functions.

The company has currently invested U.S$6 million to expand its Lexington facility where it has operated since 1992.

Corvium, Inc. was established in 2018 with the goal of using data to make the world a safer place to eat.

The organization’s platform for food risk intelligence continuously collects and analyzes risk and quality data produced throughout food manufacturing and distribution.

Their products assist food manufacturers and processors in preventing pathogenic contamination, adhering to internal safety and quality programs and federal regulations, lowering risks to food safety, lowering expenses associated with it, and controlling food waste.

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