FINLAND – ColloidTek, a Finnish deep tech company, has introduced a solution for real-time liquid process quality monitoring in the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

The Collo Analyzer utilizes electromagnetic field (EMF) sensors and machine learning to provide instantaneous, in-line analysis, detecting contaminants and potential risks during liquid processing with a single real-time measurement.

Julia Vieira, Sales Manager at ColloidTek, emphasizes the significance of real-time monitoring in maintaining a stellar reputation in the industry, preventing financial losses and reputational damage associated with subpar product batches.

The Collo Analyzer’s ability to deliver instant in-line analysis sets it apart from traditional laboratory testing, allowing for quick identification of quality issues without the delays associated with sending samples to a lab.

Matti Järveläinen, CEO of ColloidTek, highlights the versatility of the Collo Analyzer, stating that it can detect various contaminants and risks in food or beverage products with a single measurement. This includes identifying chemical residues from cleaning processes (CIP), foreign objects like metal particles, cross-contamination, and even changes in product taste or structure.

Traditionally, the food and beverage industry relies on time-consuming laboratory testing, with results taking days or even weeks to arrive.

In contrast, the Collo Analyzer enables on-site measurements, either manually by dipping the sensor into the product or in-line directly from the pipeline. The EMF technology and advanced algorithms make this real-time analysis possible, setting it apart as the only solution of its kind in the food and beverage industry.

The Collo Analyzer’s ability to “fingerprint” liquids and compare them to predefined standards allows organizations to swiftly detect deviations and take immediate corrective actions.

This proactive approach significantly reduces the likelihood of hazardous mistakes and poor-quality batches, contributing to enhanced quality control across liquid processes.

The technology is particularly beneficial for companies managing higher production volumes and diverse plant-based product portfolios.

Unlike many existing systems that require multiple analyzers and sensors for different liquids, the Collo Analyzer can handle a wide range of liquid characteristics, including thick substances like honey and transparent or non-conductive liquids like vodka or milk protein concentrate.

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