Preliminary Conference Programme

The Africa Food Safety & Quality Summit is seeking presentations and contributors to panel discussions on the following issues:

  • Advances in microbial and chemical testing of food and pharmaceutical products
  • Managing food safety and achieving regulatory compliance in Africa’s food, agro and pharmaceutical industries
  • Quality and food safety management fundamentals
  • Latest laboratory management techniques
  • Food safety communication and involvement of the stakeholders
  • Latest food safety and public health issues and concerns in Africa and the World
  • Post-harvest, milling, processing and packaging technologies and how they impact food safety
  • Latest supply chain and engineering technologies and how they impact food safety
  • Latest regulatory and policy issues in Africa and the World
  • Regional and international cooperation initiatives to boost food safety in Africa and the World
  • Food fraud, food defence and biosecurity
  • Food integrity and authentication technologies
  • Next generation technologies and their impact in food safety management

Register to Attend the Summit

The food safety environment in Africa is in need of leaders and servants that can put their voices forward to change the narrative on this important subject matter. That person could be you. Please sign up today to contribute to the improvement in food safety and quality management in Africa