U.S – Corteva Agriscience, a global leader in agricultural solutions, has taken a strategic step to streamline its operations by selling its ActiveSense Electronic Remote Monitoring (ERM) system.

The sale, effective as of December 15, 2023, marks a shift in Corteva’s focus, aligning with its commitment to core competencies and simplifying its product portfolios.

ActiveSense, a state-of-the-art ERM system, boasts features such as 24/7 activity monitoring, real-time alerts, and valuable data insights.

While the buyer remains unnamed, Corteva assures that the new owner will not offer the product to the pest management industry. Instead, the purchaser plans to integrate ActiveSense into its own service offerings.

Dave Maurer, Commercial Manager at Corteva Pest Management and Turf & Ornamental, stated that ActiveSense customers, who were directly informed of the sale, will need to discontinue the use of the product by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Despite the change in ownership, customers will not be required to return any system components, and they can continue to utilize the system until the specified deadline.

Corteva, in line with its strategy to focus on core competencies, emphasized that electronic remote monitoring (ERM) involves electronic sensors, software, and data, which are not within its core expertise.

The decision to sell the ActiveSense system aligns with Corteva’s commitment to ensuring that its investments and efforts are directed towards products and solutions that align with its strengths.

While affirming the potential of ERM technology to transform the pest management industry by providing more responsive and higher value services, Corteva clarified that it is not the right owner for this specific technology.

The company has expressed its continued dedication to exploring new technologies, screening active ingredients, and offering industry-leading solutions, such as the Sentricon system.

In the transition, Corteva has provided reassurance to ActiveSense partners that the new owner will not have access to current pest management professional (PMP) or customer data.

A commitment to data privacy and security has been underscored, emphasizing that data related to companies and clients will not be accessible or transferred to the new owner.

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