CYPRUS – The Cyprus Institute has unveiled the first method for labeling the quality of fruits and vegetables under the name Mountain Agriculture Troodos.

According to the institution, the products, which are sold at Cyprus’s brand-new Mikropolis supermarkets, stand out for their exceptional quality and are made exclusively by suppliers in the Troodos Mountains.

Cyprus’s initial thorough attempt to create a voluntary quality standard for agricultural products is the Troodos quality badge.

It is not only about labeling, but also about developing criteria to help producers improve agricultural practices on three levels: environment, business responsibility, and food safety & hygiene.

The ultimate objective is to promote the distinctiveness of mountain products along with sound agricultural methods for the benefit of the environment and the health of the consumer.

Producers can take part in the quality system if they adhere to a set of obligatory and optional requirements centered on the three themes.

They must also adhere to the mountain production standards, where the climate and natural surroundings generate food with the best fresh flavor.

Agros apple grower Nikos Tzionis stated that the label will give Troodos products new vitality and individuality, while Lambros Achilleos, President of the Cooperative Growers’ Union SEDIGEP, asked all mountain towns to support the initiative.

The goal of the initiative, according to Savvas Maliotis of the agribusiness software consulting firm Filagrotiki, is to guarantee products of excellent quality—both aesthetically and gastronomically—as well as responsible production practices for the benefit of workers, society, consumers, and future generations.

Christos Zoumidis, a Researcher at CyI who specializes in water and natural resource management and economics, the concept first emerged three years ago and was refined with the help of farmers.

The study was funded jointly by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund through the Research and Innovation Foundation, under the direction of The Cyprus Institute.

“Troodos Mountain Agriculture”, began three years ago with numerous consultations and discussions with producers in the framework of the 3PRO-TROODOS research project (2019-2023).

 “The aim of 3PRO-TROODOS is to improve agricultural production and food processing in Troodos through social innovation, sustainable management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change,” said Christos.

The Cyprus Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization that places a major emphasis on cross-disciplinary research and international partnerships.

It has a strong scientific and technology orientation and addresses topics with regional relevance but worldwide impact.

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