DENMARK/U.S – To assist North American stores reduce food waste, Danish multinational company Danfoss has established a cooperation with U.S retail technology company Lizard Monitoring.

The Alsense monitoring system from Danfoss is reported to be supplemented by The Lizard’s sensor networks to enable continuous temperature monitoring and deliver in-depth information on environmental compliance and refrigeration performance to store managers and food safety executives.

The two companies announced their collaboration at this week’s AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, North America’s premier industry event bringing together professionals from the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry (HVACR).

Retail managers can monitor refrigeration performance using Danfoss’ Alsense, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform developed within Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. This platform tracks alarms, ensures continuous monitoring of food conditions and lowers energy use.

Lizard offers reliable wireless sensor networks to gather information from retail settings and deliver it to the cloud where it is mined for trends that will cause food waste before they occur.

To this end, customers can now get more thorough records of each event and what shop personnel did in response, along with early warnings and fewer alarms.

“Our customers are looking for sustainable solutions and more automation to reduce product loss and labor and energy costs.

“The Lizard solution is highly complementary to the Danfoss Alsense platform and together gives a 360-degree view of your store’s refrigeration performance,” commented Peter Dee, Danfoss North America Sales Director of Food Retail.

At the AHR Expo, Danfoss also unveiled a brand-new cloud-based mobile app for the Danfoss Alsense Foodservice Platform that enables commercial refrigeration clients to keep an eye on their assets while out in the field.

The program allows them to remotely manage their refrigeration equipment, including vending machines, bottle coolers, and display coolers.

The software collaborates with hardware that serves as an IoT enabler to offer end users real-time data around the clock, 365 days a year, including immediate notifications, location, and automatic data logging.

This aids asset owners in ensuring food quality, equipment functionality, and a decrease in expenditures associated with food waste.

“This combination of IoT enablers and a cloud-based app is a game-changer for owners of commercial refrigeration assets.

“Assets in the field can be monitored from anywhere, at any time, allowing owners to ensure the quality and safety of food and be confident in their HACCP compliance,” said Michael Kellerman, director of EC&S business development at Danfoss North America.

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