BELGIUM – Since integrating a TOMRA 5B sorting machine into its production line in February 2023, De Marchi Group has witnessed tangible enhancements in product sorting precision and volume optimization.

With agribusiness contributing over 23 percent to Brazil’s GDP, the sector serves as a cornerstone of the nation’s economy.

The De Marchi Group is a Brazilian conglomerate operating in various segments of the food industry, including fruit, legume, and vegetable cultivation, as well as frozen food production and marketing. The group’s activities span from cultivating fresh produce to producing a diverse range of frozen food products.

According to the company, the dividends of the TOMRA partnership are palpable six months post-implementation. De Marchi Group reports a 30 percent surge in productivity, coupled with enhanced product safety standards that were hitherto unattainable through manual means.

The amalgamation of profitability, reliability, and agility crystallizes the company’s commitment to operational excellence. Furthermore, personalized support from TOMRA has served as a linchpin in navigating the intricacies of automation, ensuring seamless integration and sustained performance.

Carlos Alberto De Marchi, Industrial Director at De Marchi, highlights the transformative impact of the partnership with TOMRA.

“It gives us several advantages, the main one being the increased quality of our product,” he says.

The deployment of the TOMRA 5B marks a pivotal departure from manual processes, heralding a new era of efficiency and reliability in product sorting.

The machine’s integration not only amplifies profitability but also fortifies food safety standards, a critical consideration in an era of heightened consumer scrutiny. Moreover, the automation of sorting processes alleviates the burden on labor, ensuring sustained productivity without compromising on quality.

Looking ahead, both De Marchi Group and TOMRA are poised for continued collaboration and innovation. João Medeiros, Area Sales Manager of TOMRA Food Brazil, affirms the partnership’s significance in catering to the evolving needs of Brazil’s fruit and vegetable segment.

“De Marchi is an innovative company with a strong presence on the national and international market, and it’s undoubtedly a very important partnership for TOMRA in the minimally processed fruit and vegetable segment,” he says.

“It’s an honor to supply a high-tech optical food sorting solution to one of Brazil’s largest companies in the sector.”

With operations across the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia, TOMRA Food designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions.

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