As June 12th draws near, the stage is set for the spectacular showcase of Africa’s rich food industry with AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024, a captivating 8-in-1 grand event.

This food expo is set to show industry insiders and enthusiasts alike, offering an alluring glimpse into the future of food. Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Sarit Expo Centre in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya, from June 12-14, 2024, here’s a sneak peek into what to expect at the event!


Our vibrant expo halls will be your assured gateway to innovation and opportunity. Picture yourself rubbing shoulders with industry titans, visionaries, and game-changers, all fueled by a common passion to revolutionize the food industry.

1. Dairy Manufacturing Africa Expo: Africa Dairy 2.0
Prepare for a dairy insurrection! Africa’s dairy industry will take center stage at the Dairy Manufacturing Africa Expo where industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders will converge to explore the theme of “Africa Dairy 2.0 – Taking Africa’s Dairy Industry into the Next Level through Innovation & Sustainability.”

2. Africa Meat & Poultry Expo: Eastern Africa’s Culinary Showcase
Simultaneously, the Africa Meat & Poultry Expo (AMPEX) pavilion promises a feast for the senses showcasing the region’s meat, poultry, fish, and seafood industry. From abattoirs to retailers, processors to government agencies, AMPEX will unite various stakeholders under one roof.

With a comprehensive program covering nutrition, processing, packaging, and more, attendees can immerse themselves in the latest trends and technologies shaping Eastern Africa’s culinary landscape.

3. Africa Milling Baking Expo: Redefining the Art of Baking
Bread enthusiasts and baking lovers will not miss the Africa Milling Baking Expo, where the secrets of perfect loaves and flavorful pastries will be unveiled.

This expo promises to showcase the latest innovations in milling and baking technologies, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of this delightful culinary art.

4. Africa Packaging Expo (AFRIPACK): Innovation in Every Package
Meanwhile, the Africa Packaging Expo (AFRIPACK) will shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes behind every product – its packaging. From corrugated boxes to aseptic packaging, AFRIPACK will explore the latest advancements in packaging materials and technologies across various sectors.

5. Africa Ingredients Expo: Fueling Food Innovation
Exploring deeper into the science of food innovation is the Africa Ingredients Expo, where suppliers of innovative ingredients and technologies will converge to drive creativity in the food sector. From sugar substitutes to active pharmaceutical ingredients, this expo promises to inspire the next generation of food products.
This trade show will showcase a wide range of innovative ingredients and commodities from both Africa and around the world.

6. Africa Beverages Expo: Quenching Africa’s Thirst for Innovation
Thirsty for innovation? Look no further! The Africa Beverages Expo will offer the latest trends and advancements in the beverages industry on full display. From craft beer to exotic blends, attendees can sample diverse flavors and experience the future of Africa’s beverages industry.

Prepare for an intriguing trip into the wealthy world of beverages with deep coverage on regular & craft beer, wine & craft wine, juices & blends, spirits & craft spirits, carbonated & energy drinks & bottled water, cider, no & low-alcohol drinks, tea, coffee & other hot drinks.

7. Africa Fresh Produce Expo (AFPEX): From Farm to Fork
Freshness takes center stage at the Africa Fresh Produce Expo (AFPEX), where farmers, processors, and distributors will converge to showcase the best of Africa’s bounty.

From fruits to vegetables, spices to herbs, AFPEX offers a tantalizing glimpse into the vibrant world of fresh produce.
Among the most anticipated sectors in this show include the Fresh Produce Market, Logistics & Mobility, Machinery & Technology, Agro-inputs & Chemicals, Services & More.

8. Africa Food Market
Food market players, suppliers, and innovators at the Africa Food Market Expo will present a diverse world of culinary diversity! Here, expect an innovative showcase of a wide range of food products, gourmet delights, and innovative solutions that cater to diverse consumer tastes. This show will present an opportunity for attendees to become a part of the vibrant food market scene, celebrating the richness and diversity of Africa’s culinary heritage.


Thirsty for mentally stimulating conversations that would reignite your curiosity and deepen your knowledge of the food industry? The industry conference at the food expo will, by all means, meet and exceed your expectations!
We will have zestful speakers and panelists presenting on a wide range of topics relevant to the food industry, including but not limited to:

  • The Status of the Food Manufacturing & Retail Industry in Eastern Africa – Investment Opportunities, Challenges & Market Trends
  •  Innovations, Sustainability & Trade Opportunities in the Dairy Industry in Africa
  • Innovations, Sustainability & Trade Opportunities in the Beverages Industry in Africa
  • Innovations, Sustainability & Trade Opportunities in the Fresh Produce Industry in Africa
  • Innovations, Sustainability & Trade Opportunities in the Meat, Poultry, Fish & Seafood Industry in Africa
  • Innovations, Sustainability & Trade Opportunities in the Milling, Bakery, Animal Feed & Snacks Industries in Africa
  • Innovations, Sustainability & Trade Opportunities in the Packaging Industry in Africa
  • Making It in Entrepreneurship in Food Manufacturing & Retail in Africa


Our expo isn’t just about business transactions; it’s about forging meaningful connections, gaining industry insights from top leaders, and staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and sustainability.

AFMASS Food Expo will be a pivotal platform for education, networking, and collaboration across the dairy value chain where attendees can expect insightful discussions on food innovation, sustainability, nutrition, operational excellence, and more!

A feast for the senses!

As the dates draw near, anticipation mounts for AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024. Whether you’re a dairy enthusiast, a meat connoisseur, or intrigued by packaging, these events offer invaluable opportunities to learn, network, and discover the latest innovations shaping Africa’s culinary landscape.
Don’t hesitate to sign up – visit our website or contact us directly at +254 725 343 932/ to reserve a spot now!

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