NIGERIA – Dr. Agnes Yemisi Asagbra has been chosen to succeed Dr. Rufus Ebegba as the new Director-General/CEO of the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), who has served his two terms to completion.

According to a statement from Gloria Agbaki, public relations officer, the newly appointed DG stated during a handover ceremony that within eight years she should build on the extensive work already completed by her predecessor.

The new DG/CEO commended the outgoing DG for all that he has accomplished in the previous eight years and pledged to uphold those accomplishments.

“I am glad for the level of achievements and work you have done. You have truly laid a solid foundation for the protection of human health and the environment from the adverse impacts of modern biotechnology activities and their products. I will consolidate on all you have put in place,” she said.

Dr. Asagbra vowed to resist every action contravening the NBMA Act using the power vested in the Agency.

“Let me make it known that it is only GMOs confirmed safe will be permitted in Nigeria. The goal of the government establishing NBMA must be achieved; we must put all hands on deck. 

“We will continue to protect the environment and human health while using cutting-edge technology to boost the nation’s economy,” she said.

She showed confidence in the staff’s abilities and pledged to keep enhancing their knowledge by planning further trainings and workshops.

“I have no doubt in the competence of the staff of the Agency. Your works speak volumes; the legal instruments, policy, and guidelines developed over the last few years of existence reveal the unflinching determination of the management,” said the NBMA boss.

Dr. Asagbra also solicited support from the staff of the NBMA in order to enable her to discharge her duties accordingly.

“I can’t do it on my own, we have to do it together, and together, we will take NBMA to greater heights,” she said.

She assured the staff that she will always operate an open door policy so that as a team they can lift the Agency to attain giant strides.

All department and unit heads, as well as the incoming and outgoing DGs/CEOs, were present during the handover ceremony.

In a statement, the outgoing DG/CEO Dr. Rufus Ebegba expressed his satisfaction at having done everything possible to bring biosafety and biosecurity in Nigeria to the current level.

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