KENYA – The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has appointed Dr. Jeremiah Kamau Kinyua as the new Chairman of the National Standards Council (NSC).

The NSC is tasked to develop standards, authorize, certify, and grant permits for all manufactured, imported, and local produce in order to make sure that they adhere to set standards

“I am honored to have been appointed as the Chairman of the National Standards Council at the Kenya Bureau of Standards, and I am excited to be here to share my vision for the council and to hear your thoughts and ideas.

“Standards are the foundation of economic growth and consumer protection. They help to ensure that products and services are safe and of high quality, and they play a crucial role in promoting innovation and competitiveness,” Dr. Kinyua said.

Maureen Onyango, the Employment and Labour Court judge revoked the nomination of Bernard Ngore as the Chairman of the NSC and members Rogers Ochako Abisai, including the CEO of KEBS Bernard Njiraini, among others, in July last year.

She claimed that due process wasn’t followed in their appointment. However, come October of the same year, the Court of Appeal reinstated the Council members citing that Kenyans would be at risk of receiving substandard goods in the absence of NSC.

As KEBS strives to advance national standards and stimulate Kenya’s economic development, it is certain that Dr. Kinyua will offer the Council solid leadership and direction thanks to his wealth of knowledge and skills.

Dr. Kinyua is dedicated to serving as the nation’s standards-setting pioneer and to collaborating with national stakeholders to make sure that standards are applicable and widely embraced.

He is committed to giving small and medium-sized businesses the resources and tools they require to adopt standards and abide by them because he understands how important they are in fostering economic growth and development.

“As the Chairman of the National Standards Council, I am committed to leading the way in setting new standards for our nation and I look forward to working with all of you to drive progress and innovation in our nation’s standards. Together, we can achieve a brighter future for Kenya,” he said.

Dr. Kinyua also emphasizes the significance of digital transformation in advancing the economy, the necessity of promoting digital literacy, and the encouragement of small and medium-sized businesses to use digital technology.

He highlights how crucial it is for KEBS and its stakeholders to get involved in global standards initiatives since doing so will help them align their standards with global best practices and give them a chance to present their skills and abilities on a big stage.

“KEBS is dedicated to assisting Dr. Kinyua and his group in their initiatives to advance national standards and spur Kenya’s economic development. We look forward to cooperating to ensure that Kenya has the highest standards in the world and that our country is a global leader in consumer protection and economic growth,” says KEBS.

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