SINGAPORE – Californian cultivated meat pioneer Eat Just is achieving a significant milestone in the sector, introducing Good Meat chicken into the freezers of Huber’s Butchery in Singapore.

This marks the first time cultivated meat products are available for retail purchase.

This is the first cultivated meat product to be sold in retail globally, following regulatory approval for the company to sell cultivated meat in Singapore since 2020.

Previously available only in foodservice establishments across the island nation, the transition to retail represents a major breakthrough for the industry, which has faced challenges in scaling production and reducing costs.

This retail launch is facilitated by the introduction of Good Meat 3, the latest version of Eat Just’s chicken.

The new formulation lowers costs by reducing the cultivated meat cells from 60-70% to just 3%. The rest comprises wheat and soy proteins, sunflower and coconut oils, natural flavors, modified food starch, and soy lecithin, seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Shoppers can find the shredded chicken in the freezer section of Huber’s Butchery, where it sells for S$7.20 (US$5.35) per 120g pack.

Eat Just CEO Josh Tetrick highlights the product’s versatility, stating, “This format provides the best texture and flexibility for home chefs to use in a variety of dishes.

Tetrick emphasizes the significance of this development, noting, “Offering consumers the chance to purchase cultivated chicken in-store and cook it at home is a major step toward normalizing this new type of food. Achieving a retail launch has always been one of our goals.”

Good Meat 3, the new product debuting in retail, is also anticipated to enter foodservice markets.

It is produced at ESCO Aster, the world’s first regulator-approved contract manufacturer for cultivated meat, with the extrusion process completed at Nurasa’s newly launched Food Tech Innovation Centre, another Eat Just partner.

This advancement is paving the way for broader acceptance and accessibility of cultivated meat, marking a pivotal moment in the global food industry.

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