U.S – Emerson, an industrial machinery manufacturer, has announced the release of GO real-time 4G/5G-LT, for monitoring wider temperature ranges including those required for frozen perishable items.

It is the latest addition to its full complement of trackers that monitor perishable shipments in real-time, which is critical to preserving quality and maximizing food safety.

This release features the latest generation of 4G/5G Cat-M network technologies. With a useful battery life of more than 60 days, it is also suitable for use in a variety of applications including longer sea container trips.

The supply chain has recently experienced a surge in global shipments of refrigerated and frozen perishable items including vegetables, ice cream, frozen poultry, meat and other proteins at frozen temperatures between -10 and -30C.

The new GO real-time 4G/5G-LT tracker series addresses this important market segment and although it is optimized for colder temperatures, it will also work well for medium temperature fresh produce up to 60°C.

“Disruptions to the supply chain have the potential to impact the perishable shipment market. We continue to see how weather events, rising gas prices, aging tractor trailers, and trucker shortages can cause strains on perishable shipments. The ability to monitor the condition of these shipments in real time is more important than ever,” said Doug Thurston, Vice President Sales, Cargo Solutions at Emerson.

GO real-time 4G/5G-LT trackers can monitor in-transit conditions such as temperature, location, light and humidity.

Three model variants are available and are suitable for shorter over-the-road shipments, longer international shipments and applications requiring the reuse of the same device for closed-loop scenarios.

All trackers can be configured to notify users in real-time via text or email if any adverse conditions arise during shipment. “It is our goal to help providers ensure product freshness and safety when it reaches consumers.” 

Amy Childress, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Cargo for Emerson’s cold chain business, said it is the company’s goal to ensure product freshness and safety when it reaches the consumer, hence its commitment to develop products and services to fit the market need.

“With improved location accuracy built upon emerging 4G/5G global networks and optimized battery performance at frozen temperatures, our customers can rest assured that visibility to their perishable shipments will be available when they need it most,” she said.

Customers can easily access the online Oversight dashboard or Oversight mobile applications to track their shipments from start to finish.

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