U.S – The Voltai technology for the meat protein sector invented by biotechnology company Energis Solutions, has been independently validated and submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clearance.

The solution is manufactured on-site using a machine that can be simply integrated into almost any current production process and significantly reduces food-borne pathogens that continue to pose a threat to the meat sector.

“The Voltai machine produces a patented unique, highly energized fluid that carries the same EPA toxicity rating as tap water, Category IV. The technology can be used as a carcass spray or poultry dip, which is far safer than acid-based alternatives that are often used in the industry today,” said Darin Jensen, Vice President of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory, Energis.

The Voltai solution targets STEC, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria amongst other pesky pathogens.

It is Kosher and Organic compliant and is in current trials validating shelf-life extension characteristics for protein products.

Voltai has conducted multiple 3rd party side-by-side studies that prove double the reduction of STEC and Salmonella when compared to legacy Peracetic and Lactic acid treatments.

“Voltai offers many competitive advantages, the on-demand machine eliminates freight and warehousing costs for the customer while achieving better results making safer products for the company and consumer. 

“We are working with the industry to understand the substantial reduction of needing to use hot water creating a more sustainable environment,” said Kevin Lamar, President, Energis Solutions.

Energis Solutions is a pathogen-reduction technology company that started with revolutionary technology developed for safe decontamination of the defense industry’s sensitive equipment. This patented technology has been customized to provide environmentally green pathogen reduction for both food and non-food applications.

Guardian is also one of its solutions that is individually and uniquely formulated to eliminate a wide spectrum of food-borne pathogens and mycotoxins that persistently challenge the agricultural supply chain.

It transcends the shortcomings of traditional chlorine dioxide solutions due to its unique formulation and manufacturing processes. The formula’s active ingredient is stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in a highly energized, water-based fluid that is subject to a series of patents and patents pending.

Guardian violently ruptures the cellular wall of a pathogen, forcibly removing the organism’s “guts” (i.e., nucleoid, DNA, ribosome, cytoplasm, etc.). It completely destroys the pathogen with no opportunity for the pathogen to ever build immunity.

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