CANADA – EnWave Corporation, a Vancouver-based advanced technology company, has successfully completed the Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification process of its state-of-the-art vacuum-microwave toll drying facility, REVworx, marking the Company’s ability to offer toll drying services to food producing partners around the globe.

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners, and food service providers world-wide.

Recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the SQF family of food safety and quality codes are designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain – from the farm all the way to retail stores.

Following a thorough SQF certification process incorporating training, line trial production, testing, inspection, and process development, REVworx is now officially open for business, offering on-demand contract manufacturing services for the production of high-quality, vacuum-microwave dried snack and ingredient applications for food companies of all sizes.

EnWave’s pursuit and achievement of SQF certification reinforces their commitment to continual and ongoing food safety processing in the REVworx facility going forward, as reported by GlobeNewswire.

REVworx, as an SQF Certified facility for Fruits & Vegetables Processing, Bakery and Snack Processing, and Food Ingredient Manufacturing, can now offer contract REV drying services to a broader market.

The certification assures clients that their products are adding the value of REV technology to their product offering, as well as meeting the highest levels of food safety standards.

REVworx is the first large-scale vacuum-microwave toll processing facility in North America that is exclusively offering drying services for third-parties. It offers flexible production capabilities, filling the growing demand for innovative consumer products made using EnWave’s proprietary REV drying technology.

It is equipped with a 60kW tray-based REV machine, a 10kW REV unit for smaller batch production, a commercial scale air dryer for pre-processing, preparation equipment such as cutters, corers, and slicers for fruits and vegetables, a batch mixer, a fryer and seasoning station, and a bulk packaging area for shipment preparation.

The facility will enable companies to bring innovative vacuum-microwave dried products to market and will reduce risk by lowering the upfront capital investment, increasing speed to market, and allowing companies to launch their products and prove out the value proposition of using REV technology.

Located at EnWave’s Head Office in Vancouver, Canada, the REVworx facility incorporates complimentary upstream and downstream equipment required to process food applications at scale.

REV technology yields products that retain superior flavour and nutrition, have unique textures and elongated shelf lives.

The opening of the REVworx facility will create new opportunities for both global and local food manufacturers to not only innovate novel food ingredients and snacks for commercialization, but also enable growers to salvage and process imperfect produce and reduce overall food waste.

Lower grade produce can now easily be processed and purposed into consumable food products, such as powders, fragments, and pieces for sale with the support of EnWave’s R&D team of dehydration experts.

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