SOUTH AFRICA – The Eppendorf Group, a leading life science company, has announced its expansion into the South African market, marking a momentous milestone in its global growth strategy.

The company’s expansion aims to strengthen its presence in the region and cater to the growing demand for its innovative products and solutions.

Boasting a prime location in Waterfall City amidst Johannesburg’s thriving commercial landscape, Eppendorf’s latest outpost offers a multifaceted hub catering to diverse needs within the life sciences domain.

From state-of-the-art office facilities tailored for sales and service operations to a cutting-edge pipette calibration laboratory, the premises exude a blend of innovation and functionality.

With an eye on fostering collaborative ventures and knowledge exchange, Dr. Thomas Keller, Senior Vice President Market Region Asia Pacific Africa, highlights the strategic importance of Johannesburg as the gateway to Africa’s scientific prowess.

South Africa’s position as a beacon of research excellence on the continent makes it an ideal choice for Eppendorf’s inaugural foray into Africa,” affirms Dr. Keller.

Embracing a holistic approach to customer engagement, Eppendorf’s new facility aims to transcend conventional boundaries by offering an immersive Customer Experience Center.

Here, patrons can explore an array of cutting-edge instruments firsthand, complemented by tailored training sessions and meticulous maintenance services.

Beyond the confines of South Africa, Eppendorf’s presence will benefit a constellation of eleven Southern African nations, ensuring seamless access to premium products and technical support across borders. From Botswana to Mauritius, the company’s footprint catalyzes scientific advancement and industrial progress.

Founded in 1945 with a steadfast commitment to enhancing human well-being, Eppendorf has evolved into a global powerhouse in the life sciences arena.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the company’s footprint spans continents, with subsidiaries spanning 33 countries and a workforce exceeding 5,000 dedicated professionals.

In alignment with its founding ethos, Eppendorf’s expansion into South Africa underscores its unwavering dedication to empowering researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders with cutting-edge solutions. As the company continues to pioneer innovation and drive positive change, its latest endeavor heralds a new era of scientific collaboration and technological excellence in the heart of Africa’s scientific frontier.

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