UAE – Etihad Cargo is almost ready to launch a new cold chain facility in Abu Dhabi after having to delay the project due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of a corporate commitment to offer its clients the best logistical solutions, Etihad Cargo keeps making significant investments in its infrastructure and product lines.

The newest cutting-edge cool chain facility at the company’s Abu Dhabi center, according to Fabrice Panza, Manager for Global Cool Chain Solutions, Commercial Division, is evidence of this dedication.

“Prior to the opening of our cool chain facility in our Abu Dhabi hub, Etihad Cargo handled an average of 38,000 tonnes of perishables under our dedicated FreshForward product, of which 42 per cent is fruits and vegetables

“Following the launch of our new cool chain facility, we will have the capability to accommodate additional 50,000 tonnes, doubling our cool chain storage capacity in our hub in Abu Dhabi,” Panza said.

The 3,000 square meter facility is outfitted with the most modern equipment, including RFS loading docks with levellers, high-speed roll-up shutters, insulation, and floor work for faster and more efficient loading with stricter temperature controls, increased storage space, and upgraded cool chain facilities.

Additionally, the new facility will have new thermal coverings and modern, temperature-controlled x-ray screening for police and customs inspections.

Being IATA CEIV Fresh certified proves Etihad Cargo’s adherence to the Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR), assuring food safety and a decrease in waste. This in turn strengthens customer confidence and enables the company to apply best practices throughout the cold supply chain.

“Our new cool chain centre will also provide smoother transfers to Etihad Cargo’s FreshForward truck fleet when products need to be delivered in the UAE or be handed over to the consignee at Abu Dhabi Airport, making the end-to-end journey of perishables easier and safer,” said Panza.

The flaws highlighted by the supply chain breakdown over the last handful of years also informed the industry on the best ways to safeguard the supply, and cool chain, into the future.

As such, Etihad Cargo claims that it is focused on delivering perishables in the best condition possible through processes that provide visibility and offer robust traceability and tracking.

“The technologies we use and processes we follow ensure the data we collect, track and share give unrivalled visibility across every stage of perishable cargo’s journey,” said Panza.

Etihad Cargo will also invest in sustainable solutions to make transportation more environmentally friendly through the expanded cool chain facility, in line with Etihad Aviation Group’s sustainability plans and pledge to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The carrier has already replaced 3,000 containers from its original aluminum unit load device (ULD) fleet with a lighter, more environmentally friendly version.

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