TANZANIA – The European Union, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) government have come together to launch the “Strengthening Plant Health Services in Tanzania for Enhanced Food Safety” (STREPHIT) project.

With a substantial contribution agreement of EUR 10.5 million (U.S$11.08 million) this endeavor is set to enhance the safety and quality of agricultural products for both domestic and international markets, guided by the International Standards of Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs).

At the heart of the STREPHIT project is a mission to fortify the national system of official controls governing the import and export of agricultural products, reports The Citizen.

Tanzania is dedicated to increasing agricultural trade by aligning with international regulations, thus enabling the seamless movement of goods across borders.

Adherence to ISPMs not only ensures compliance with multilateral treaties but also instills confidence in trading partners, laying the foundation for stronger international trade alliances.

Plant pests and diseases pose significant threats to agricultural productivity, risking crop damage, economic losses, and food security crises.

The STREPHIT project aims to strengthen Tanzania’s national plant protection system by implementing robust surveillance and plant protection mechanisms.

Through vigilant monitoring and effective control measures, the project seeks to safeguard crop health, boost agricultural production, and ensure a reliable supply of safe and high-quality agricultural produce for local and global markets.

Collaboration defines the essence of this initiative. With contributions from the EU (9.8 million euros), FAO (0.35 million euros), and the Government of Tanzania (0.25 million euros), the STREPHIT project embodies a shared vision for sustainable agricultural development.

This united front harnesses diverse expertise, resources, and technical assistance, ensuring the project’s success and enduring impact.

Empowering plant health professionals

At the core of the STREPHIT project is the empowerment of the National Plant Protection Organization – Tanzania’s Plant Health and Pesticides Authority (TPHPA).

By providing crucial support and resources, the project empowers plant health inspectors to conduct effective controls, surveillance, and preventative measures.

Investments in human capital, training, infrastructure, and technology equip Tanzania’s plant health professionals with the skills needed to identify, respond to, and manage plant pests and diseases proficiently.

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