INDIA – Dairy technology solution provider has unveiled three revolutionary products at the 50th Dairy Industry Conference in Hyderabad.

Among the unveiled products is the pioneering YAMA Milk Analyser, marking the debut of India’s first FTIR-based Milk Analyser. This cutting-edge device, engineered by Indian experts, utilizes Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy to swiftly and accurately analyze raw milk composition.

Capable of detecting fat, SNF, protein content, and common adulterants within a mere 30 seconds, the YAMA Milk Analyser is poised to transform village-level milk collection and bulk milk chilling centers with its affordability and efficiency, potentially reshaping the landscape of dairy processing in India and beyond.

Additionally, Everest Instruments introduces the Everest GC4500, a Gas Chromatography system designed for comprehensive profiling of milk fat fatty acids and triglycerides.

Unlike conventional methods requiring separate machines for fatty acids and triglycerides analysis, the GC4500 offers a unified solution, streamlining processes and minimizing costs associated with multiple instruments, accessories, and maintenance.

Meenesh Shah, Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), ceremoniously unveiled the products.

Ajit Patel, Chairman & Managing Director of Everest Instruments, expressed confidence in the transformative potential of these innovations, emphasizing their capacity to enhance milk quality and food safety globally, while commemorating Everest Instruments’ 25-year journey in the dairy industry.

Parimal Patel, Joint Managing Director of Everest Instruments, underscored the significant benefits these cutting-edge solutions offer to the Indian dairy industry and its stakeholders. With a commitment to continued innovation and customer-centric excellence, Everest Instruments remains steadfast in its mission to deliver unparalleled products and solutions to the dairy sector.

A game-changer in milk quality assurance

Completing the trio of innovations is the Somatic Cell Analyser, a sophisticated solution for detecting and counting somatic cells in raw milk.

With its fully automated somatic cell counter and advanced fluorescence optic technology, this device serves as a crucial indicator of milk quality and animal udder health, setting new benchmarks in dairy production standards.

In related news, advancements in dairy technology continue to gain momentum globally, with a recent study published in the Journal of Dairy Science highlighting the potential of machine learning algorithms in predicting milk composition and quality with unprecedented accuracy.

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