U.S – Every Co, a biotech innovator based in Silicon Valley, has unveiled the world’s first hen-free liquid egg, known as Every Egg.

The groundbreaking product is the result of nine years of product development funded by over US$233 million from notable investors, including American actress Anne Hathaway, Grupo Bimbo (the world’s largest bakery manufacturer), and beverage giant AB InBev.

Founded in 2015 by Arturo Elizondo and Dave Anchel, Every Co focuses on developing a scalable yeast fermentation platform to produce proteins that mimic those found in animals and animal products, without the need for actual animals.

The company utilizes yeast to convert sugar into “super-functional” proteins, which are similar to those in traditional eggs.

Every Egg is the centerpiece ingredient in a multi-course, plant-based menu, including dishes like omelettes and creme brûlée, designed to showcase its quality and versatility.

The product replicated the flexibility of traditional eggs, serving as a 1:1 replacement in various applications, from bakery items to omelettes.

The production process involved extracting DNA sequences responsible for animal proteins and inserting them into yeast.

Sugar was then added to the yeast, resulting in the production of protein. Plant-based ingredients are incorporated to enhance flavor and texture.

Although designed to taste and perform like real eggs, Every Egg has a distinct nutritional profile, offering 8g of protein per serving, compared to 5g-8g in a chicken egg. Importantly, it contains zero cholesterol or saturated fat.

Chef Humm, known for his culinary expertise, collaborated with Every Co to create an event menu centered around the novel Every Egg.

“Eggs are a universal staple in every kitchen, and this is the first time we’ve crafted an event menu around a novel food product,” he stated expressing excitement about the partnership.

While Every Egg is currently available for sampling by bakers and foodservice operators, it is expected to be available at restaurants starting in 2024.”

The product marks a significant step toward a future where nutritious eggs can be produced without the variability, disease risk, and high environmental impact associated with traditional animal agriculture.

Every Co, recognized as one of the 50 Hottest Tech Companies in the World by Crunchbase and among the 50 Next Companies to Disrupt the World, continues to focus on innovation in the biotech space.

The company’s other game-changing ingredients are already available for food manufacturers, and it recently moved to a new headquarters to support its expansion phase, including an expanded research and development fermentation capacity.

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