SOUTH SUDAN – The East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer Foundation (EWS-KT) has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with South Sudan’s Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology. 

The collaboration aims to raise awareness about the economic and nutritional potential of vegetables, addressing skills and knowledge gaps in technical agricultural practices.

This partnership follows a similar 2-year collaboration between EWS-KT and the University of Juba, emphasizing the foundation’s commitment to enhancing agricultural practices in South Sudan. 

The focus is on sharing best agricultural practices, building technical capacity, and creating sustainable learning platforms.

The collaboration will be led by Peter Ajak, a teaching assistant at Dr. John Garang University and a participant in EWS-KT’s Nuffic-sponsored Tailor-Made Training project. 

Peter, supported by Alex Odongo from EWS-KT Uganda, will establish a learning farm at the university, showcasing improved vegetable farming methods. The learning farm will provide hands-on training in sustainable and profitable vegetable production.

The initiative aims to benefit a diverse group of stakeholders, including university students and faculty, farmers, government extension workers, agricultural input dealers, and NGO trainers involved in sharing vegetable production knowledge with smallholder farmers in South Sudan. 

The collaboration seeks to empower communities and contribute to the economic and nutritional well-being of the region.

In addressing knowledge gaps and promoting best practices in vegetable farming, EWS-KT’s collaboration with Dr. John Garang Memorial University aims to build a sustainable agricultural future for South Sudan. 

The learning farm model provides a practical and impactful approach to transfer essential skills and knowledge to support the growth of the vegetable sector in the country.

This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing agricultural education, practices, and productivity in South Sudan, ultimately contributing to food security and economic development in the region.

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