U.S – Brace yourselves for a riveting and eye-opening experience as the highly anticipated documentary “Poisoned” hits Netflix screens on August 2.

Based on the gripping best-selling book of the same name, this groundbreaking film, years in the making, delves deep into the heart of a fast-moving disaster that sent shockwaves through the food industry, regulators, politicians, and all those who hold the safety of the U.S food supply dear.

With exclusive access to confidential documents and interviews with key players, “Poisoned” is set to shatter illusions and reveal a truth that demands urgent attention.

Award-winning investigative journalist and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Jeff Benedict, takes the helm, weaving a jarringly candid narrative that peels back the layers of a tragedy that left families shattered and a nation reeling.

Centered around the hauntingly real accounts of families whose children fell victim to infection, the film pulls no punches as it unravels the events that transpired during the crisis.

From the high-level executives of Jack in the Box, forced to face the consequences of the tragedy, to the tireless physicians and scientists who identified the deadly E. coli as the culprit, “Poisoned” invites viewers on an emotionally charged journey through the heart of the drama.

The documentary casts a spotlight on the historic lawsuits that followed, as legal teams from both sides grappled to find justice for those impacted.

With each revelation, “Poisoned” challenges viewers to confront the dark underbelly of the food industry and the pressing need for transformative change.

Drawing parallels to acclaimed works like “Fast Food Nation” and “A Civil Action,” “Poisoned” is a stark reminder that the food we consume is not always what it seems.

As the film unfolds, the alarming truth takes center stage: our food supply is riddled with potential hazards, and the responsibility to safeguard it rests on all of us.

While “Poisoned” may expose some of the industry’s darkest moments, the film also harbors a message of hope and possibility.

As Jeff Benedict eloquently states, “Things can change, and there is hope if we work together.” By facing the grim realities head-on, the documentary calls for collective action, prompting viewers to engage in conversations about food safety and demand transparency from those who produce and regulate our food.

With the streaming date drawing near, anticipation mounts as audiences eagerly await the revelation that “Poisoned” promises to unleash.

So, pull up a comfortable chair, grab some popcorn, and brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the harsh realities of our food system. “Poisoned” is poised to ignite a movement, empowering us all to watch what we eat and demand a safer, more accountable food supply.

As the credits roll on August 2, a call to action will echo loud and clear, challenging us to take an active role in shaping a food system that values the health and well-being of every consumer.

Let us heed the warning, for together, we can ignite change and build a future where the safety of our food is no longer a question mark but an unwavering guarantee.

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