U.S – Fam Stumabo, a leading player in the food processing industry, has introduced its latest innovation, the Yuran Capcitec – a high-capacity belt dicer designed for efficient processing of peppers and leafy vegetables.

The new machine is designed to address the challenges faced by frozen vegetable processors dealing with seasonal produce and the time constraints it imposes on processing.

In the frozen vegetable processing industry, where time sensitivity is paramount due to the reliance on seasonal harvests, the reliability of cutting equipment becomes a critical factor in minimizing downtime.

Fam Stumabo’s Yuran Capcitec emerges as a solution tailored to meet these stringent requirements. The machine features a wider feed belt and an optimized feeding method, significantly boosting its processing capacity.

The Yuran Capcitec’s high grip profiled feeding belt, measuring 300mm in width and 2 meters in length, stands out with a remarkable 30% increase in feeding capacity compared to its predecessors.

This enhancement ensures a seamless and efficient transfer of products like capsicum and leafy greens to the cutting tools, addressing concerns related to product fracturing.

Fam Stumabo emphasizes the machine’s cost-effectiveness through the integration of durable components, a design strategy aimed at reducing both labor requirements and downtime.

The splined shaft system, a key feature of the Yuran Capcitec, allows for quick and straightforward conversion of cutting tools.

This not only streamlines the inspection and cleaning process but also contributes to minimizing downtime, ensuring a continuous and efficient workflow for processors.

Commenting on the Yuran Capcitec, a representative from Fam Stumabo highlighted the versatility of the machine, stating, “The Yuran Capcitec is engineered to handle a wide range of vegetables, including bell peppers, jalapeños, chilli peppers, as well as leafy greens like spinach, radish, kale, cabbage, and mustard leaves.”

The machine is set to make its debut at the upcoming Fruit Logistica event in Berlin this month, providing an opportunity for industry professionals to witness firsthand the capabilities and efficiency of the Yuran Capcitec.

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