GHANA – The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has warned the general public to ignore sponsored content and materials that advocate unfavorable competition to benefit some businesses while inciting fear and terror among consumers.

According to the Authority, in order to stop the spread of excessive anxiety among the public, residents should report such films, contents, or materials to the FDA.

The FDA made a notice in a press release sent by the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer to address a YouTube video that resurfaced about the pH of packaged water sold in Ghana.

“The video suggests that some brands have pH values which are out of the allowable pH range, are ‘impure’, and not suitable for drinking”, the statement indicated.

The FDA noted that the video depicted sloppy, unreferenced practices employing a lackluster scale that did not support any regulatory decision.

According to the regulator, the pH level required in drinking water should be measured using a calibrated pH meter. The pH range of drinking water deemed safe by the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) is between 6.5 and 8.5.

As a result, the statement said that any packaged or bottled water that met the necessary pH requirements and was certified by the GSA and the WHO was safe to drink.

Consequently, the FDA encouraged the general public to buy packaged and bottled water that had been registered with the FDA while they double-checked the registration status.

“The public is once again reminded to check the registration status of packaged/bottled drinking water and all other regulated products from the label of the product and the ProPer Platform,” it stated.

In Ghana, about 5 million people out of a total population of about 31 million lack access to clean, safe water.

Last month, Ghana Water Initiative (GWI), one of the initiatives under SafeWater, a strategic business unit within Grundfos, launched SUREWATER mineral water, a new packaged water aimed at increasing water security by providing affordable water to all and contributing to a more sustainable environment by reducing the use of sachet water in Ghana.

Surewater is packaged in large 18.9-litre containers that are designed for multiple uses and can be refilled as needed.

To guarantee that only the highest caliber water reaches the user, the bottled water is derived from the ground and put through a rigorous treatment process that includes reverse osmosis.

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