U.S – Focus Brands International, a division of Focus Brands LLC, a leading developer of global multi-channel foodservice brands, has contracted RizePoint, a technology leader in food safety, quality management, and compliance, to develop a new remote auditing program for its brands’ franchised locations.

RizePoint developed the program on their Quality Management Platform, allowing Focus Brands International to schedule and conduct visits, collect data, and pull reports.

The company excels at building technology that allows trained brand coaches to visit remote locations, conduct audits, assess results, and determine when/if corrective actions must be taken.

Its best-in-class solutions are complete, comprehensive, and user-friendly, boosting visibility, accuracy, and efficiency across enterprises.

RizePoint avails everything needed by companies to conduct audits, inspections, and self-assessments to uncover insights that help protect their brands. Their auditing solutions allow brand coaches to inspect locations remotely, in the language and time-zone of the store operators.

From one location, the technology enables valuable data to be captured and measured against store performance.

“Great facility management is about maintaining exceptional compliance standards across your business so customers can experience brand consistency at every location. RizePoint’s solutions are helping Focus Brands International automate its processes, clarify communication, and get fast, accurate reporting to support its brands’ franchisees globally,” said RizePoint President Kari Hensien.

Compared to in-person audits, remote audits are less time and money intensive. Time spent per review is 65-75 percent lower, online coaching costs are a fraction of in-person reviews and the reviews give store operators specific, actionable feedback.

RizePoint’s document management establishes a single source of truth for a brand’s safety and quality specifications, standards, and compliance documents.

Companies can also use search-driven analytics to sort through tremendous amounts of data, drilling down to each specific location, issue, and trend.

“At Focus Brands International, maintaining consistent brand standards and providing exceptional customer service has always been a top priority. With an increase in global presence, coupled with the recent restrictions placed on travel, traditional in-person audits alone became more difficult.

“RizePoint’s technology provided us the ability to virtually visit stores at least 4-6 times per year to provide the type of support that our brands’ franchisees needed,” said Beto Guajardo, President of Focus Brands International.

Focus Brands International can now conduct virtual visits, appropriately termed Operations Excellence Reviews (OERs), from a single location in Costa Rica. The RizePoint software allows trained brand coaches to review the operational performance of each brand location in real-time using video technology.

“We believe our revolutionary software can help shape the future of franchising,” said Hensien.

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