SINGAPORE – In Singapore, the authorities have taken the decision to suspend the operations of a food business, Nosh Cuisine Pte, following its association with nearly 90 reported cases of illness.

Between May 17 and 29, a total of 89 individuals experienced symptoms of gastroenteritis after consuming food prepared by the establishment.

Among the affected individuals, six required hospitalization, but their condition is now stable.

Although the authorities did not disclose the specific causative agent, local media sources indicated that some patients had been diagnosed with a Salmonella infection.

The Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore Food Agency (SFA), and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) are actively investigating three outbreaks that have occurred at different locations.

The outbreaks were reported at MindChamps preschools located in Bishan, Changi Airport, and Tanglin. A total of 79 children and 10 staff members have fallen ill as a result of these incidents.

Temporary suspension and remedial actions

Effective from May 30, the suspension of Nosh Cuisine’s operations will remain in place until further notice.

As part of the requirements, the company is obligated to thoroughly clean and sanitize its premises, including all equipment and utensils. Additionally, all ready-to-eat and perishable food items must be disposed of appropriately.

To ensure food safety, all food handlers employed at the facility must complete a food safety course and test negative for foodborne pathogens before resuming work.

Furthermore, the designated food hygiene officer at the site must undergo and pass an advanced level of food safety training before resuming their responsibilities.

The Ministry of Health, Singapore Food Agency, and Early Childhood Development Agency are working together to investigate and contain the outbreaks associated with Nosh Cuisine and the affected MindChamps preschools.

Further updates and information regarding the specific causative agent and preventive measures are expected to be released as the investigations progress.

This incident highlights the significance of stringent food safety measures and regulations to protect public health.

Authorities and relevant agencies remain committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of consumers, particularly in the food service industry where such incidents can have severe consequences.

It is crucial for businesses to adhere to strict food hygiene practices and undergo regular inspections to prevent foodborne illnesses and safeguard the community.

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